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Store Your Earrings by Putting Them in Earring Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to store earrings inboxes because boxes need much space surrounding them and there no space left to put other things. So here in this article we will tell you about the earrings cards in which you can keep your earrings safe and easily find them when need to wear. You can do it at home in one or two ways you can make one flat or single sided card and you can make another folded-over/tent-style earring cards use displays and shows.

To make some earrings cards use white paper because you can decorate cards with your own choice. You can decorate the cards with lace, beads, painting and images. You can cut cards according to the size of earrings with a paper cutter or scissor and then punch holes and this is very important, get the earrings you want to use and put them on the card to see where they fall. If you want to make thicker cards so use glue stick for layering the cards and by layering you can decorate the plain card with a printed or colorful card.

This is a folded earring card looks like envelope. Inside the envelope there is a flat card to put earrings and there is a beautiful tiny card flower to tie the envelope with a rope looking so nice and it can be done with different colors and patterns and you can place a brooch to tie the folded card instead of card flower.

To make flat or single side cards take sheets in different colors and then make two holes with a puncher and cut the corners of the sheet and give a beautiful shape the bottom of the sheet as these cards are made in curve patterns and in this way many more cards are made in different patterns and colors. There is two sided folded card in the picture that you can keep flat or display your earrings by putting in the card and by stand it out like a table calendar.

If you want to make flat card for a box because you want top gift it to your friend and sister so you need a card depending on the size of the box. So when you go to measure and cut them in smaller size you won’t be nipping any bits off and you can see exactly how they will fit to the box and what adjustments you need to do.

Some tiny cards are there to put tiny earrings or tops and these tiny cards are best for young girls because earrings are designed in the shape of penguin in light blue color and the pictures of penguin are pasted on the top of earring card to make your little doll happy and others have floral designs and same design is printed on the top of earring card and in this way different kinds of images or pictures are printed on the cards to make them beautiful and unique.

Some white cards are decorated with a lace in curve shape on the corner of the cards looking good and will compliment your jewelry.
Now you can store your earrings by putting them in cards and these can be done at home easily with some simple things.

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