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Valentine Day Handmade Greeting Cards Ideas

Significance of valentine day:

Valentine day is a special day for two lovers and this day is celebrated in all over the world. Basically valentine is a   name of boy who fell in love with a blind girl then he wrote a love letter to that girl on 14 February and in the last his signature were mentioned on that letter, although he was very nearer to the scaffold but he did not forgot to express his love .Valentine was very kind hearted person he has much lovely feelings for true lovers he want to connect them in a relationship of marriage therefore he has found a big punishment. It is valuable thing for a lover that he or she spends his or her whole day with his or her love one. Valentine day is a day of happiness, hugs, gifts kisses and wishes. It is not compulsory that valentine is for those people who have boyfriend and girlfriend but you can express your feeling with your any dear one. In this modern age people are very busy in their personal pursuit they have no time to spend a blissful day therefore such a day of 14 February should must in all over the world. Here we have some ideas to convey your love to your special one.

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Making card ideas:

In this valentine if you are not financially strong then you can easily make cards with a little effort. You can use old cards which are useless mould them in to valentine card. You can use charts paper of red and white colors and make different style just like heart, flowers etc .You can use candles in your card. White chart paper which is decorated with red candles at the place of candle you can use crayon and use of colorful marker make your card interesting.

2 candles-valentines-card_gal

You can use red color card and sky blue formic sheet to make chocolates on your chart paper and a touch of brown color is go best for your card. Use of glitter is good for the embellishment silver glitter is best. You can add lamination color after paint it in colorful shades .You can make a valentine day cake on your card.

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You can make cards with colorful sheets for example green, white, red, pink, blue etc. Take a chart paper of light color just like baby pink, beige, skin and sky blue color fouled it from the centre and draw a big heart on a red sheet cut it and paste it on your card. Write the name of your dear one on that heart with glitter pens. And make a big balloon in the centre and colorful small hearts are blowing from that balloon.


Red color is a bold color and the valentine day is a day of cheer fullness you can give a card with that color which is color of your lover dress .You can use tissues, cotton, net and fancy fabric to make your card. A simple idea is that if you have skill of the knitting then you should take a red card and write your lover name with thread, and message of happy valentine day then it will give you feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. As the place of thread you can use mirror beads, pearls, laces and ribbons etc can make your card enchanting.


On this valentine you can make different shapes of hard chart paper just like aquarium, cage and box etc and make something in that shapes .If you take a blue color chart then red color is best to decorate your card .If you make an aquarium then you can use blue color ribbon to make watery touch and if you make a box then red color wrapped chocolate can give a great touch to your card and mention a statement with love.

6 Homemade-Valentines-Card

You can use buttons of various colors and style to make a card .First you should take a card paper and make a big pocket with lace and ribbons then keep a chocolate in that pocket and color it with glitter glue and makers .If you want to give perfume, watch, earrings, necklace etc then you take a box and wrap it in a fancy sheet and  cut the colorful and paste it on that box and mention your name with different chart paper pieces.



In the last I would like to suggest you be creative and try to use every color in making card and feel your love in a new style which is for your special one on this day of lovers. Hopefully you like this article!

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