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One-Of-A-Kind Handmade Cards For Valentine’s Day

By sending a handmade card on Valentine’s Day, you can please or surprise your beloved with creativity of your mind. A handmade card shows your true love towards someone special and it tells others how much you care about him/her. We have assembled some most beautiful and awe-inspiring homemade cards for Valentine’s Day. All of these gorgeous cards are easy to make and less expensive, even with simple things provided at home you can make an attractive Valentine’s Day card.

Hot air balloon with hanging heart card:

Wow! This card is truly an amazing piece to inspire others. Show your loved one how much you with this hot air balloon along with hanging heart card made straight from the heart. Use three different colors chart paper and cut them in different sizes and join them together with glue.

Pick another color sheet, draw a beautiful hot air balloon and finely cut it with sharp scissor or paper cutter. Hang beautiful red heart with a beautiful string and tie it with the balloon. Glue this onto triple shade card along with clouds patterns.

Sparky twins heart card:

Sparkly card having twin shimmery red hearts patterns is so beautiful. Take any eye-catchy color card or sheet, glue it thoroughly and then sprinkle sparkly stones on the entire surface. Cut out twins red heart patterns, sprinkle some red shimmer onto the hearts and paste these shimmery hearts onto stones embellished sheet. Your ravishing Valentine’s Day handmade card is ready to convey your message of love and your recipient will surely feel proud and happiness to see this card.

Unique handmade Valentine’s Day card:

You can make card with recycled materials at home, take idea from this picture. Take red and white tartan printed cloth, cut it into stripes, glue a stripe on the bottom of plain white card. Search newspapers having articles about Valentine’s Day and cut them.

Jin different articles cuttings and tartan stripe in a string making a garland and paste this garland on the top of the card. You can adorn your garland with buttons, stones, beads and tiny hearts also.


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