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Handmade Cards Ideas For The Valentine’s Day

The day of valentine is here and the young girls and boys are  very excited for this day because in this day two people are near to each other and they have a chance to share their feelings and emotions  with each other .valentine day is  celebrated in the  memory of  two lovers who  had devoted their life for each. The gifts are the best way to increase the love because for giving the gift you should not wait you can give anything to your dear ones.

Card is the best thing for giving the others because the gifts can spoil and can break but the cards are best thing to keep save .on the valentine day you can make the cards for your dear ones that give him or her an actual happiness and in the handmade cards you can use your favorite colors and things on the cards here I have good cards ideas for you  that can help you to make the valentine day cards.

Jar of heart:

On the valentine day you can see the hearts, balloons, candles, teddy bear and the many other things so take a hard card and make the boundary lines on the cards with the hard charts  on the card make the jars and the  hearts with the  card  and  paste the cards on the jars that is showing that  your hearts are going  in the heart of the others  red with white and the pink heart with the ribbon  is looking nice and  write the statement of valentine day and  be mine that will give him a real happiness.

Three hearts embellish card:

Take the hard chart paper and  fouled it in the style of card and  on the red card paste the white color hard card  with the red outline and the card  heart in the big  size and paste it on the card you can color it with the glitter glue  in the hearts you can use the red ribbons and the ties for the great look and  apply the ribbon  on the card  brown color is best for the boys because they like this color so  take the brown color card  with black strip and the white hearts  with red dotted and the lace  the binding of hearts is giving the concept that you both are living each other.

 Simple but decent cards:

Pure white color is the sign of the sophisticated people they like the clean and the tidy things  so the pure white color card  with the simple stamp of love is looking gorgeous  white with red color combination is good  if you are something creative and want to make the card at home  and  the card should be simple  then make the hearts with the grace  paper and the alphabet of love words with the  cardboard. In the red and white color combination another style is also very common take the white card and if you are something  creative and fond of art then  make the hearts and color it with red color  and paste the stones and beads for the graceful look use the ribbon on the cards.

Printed cards for you :

On the valentine day if you want  to make  the cards then  printed grey color card is  fabulous  grey color printed card with the pink color  chart paper and the glittered  love sign is looking  nice .with the help of  cards make the tiny heart and paste it on the cards in this way you  not only make the cards fir valentine day rather for all the events make the cards for you close to your heart people  hearts with the glittered glue  in the round style the  door shaped   printed card in the grey color is looking nice  the paisley printed when you  take the printed card then it is easy for you to make the design on it  with the help of charts paper and the grace paper make the flowers and the love you on the cards  on the card you can use the buttons and the stones for the  fancy look.

Hanging hearts style:

The cards are very easy to make at home but you have only do little hard work because if you want  to make the other happy and feel  special then you can do some struggle for making cards so take the simple cards and with the help of pencil make the holes on the card and  then  make  the heart in the maroon color and you can use the net stuff in the inner side of the card that will give a good  scene when you will open the card  with the help of colorful stickers and the chart you can make the  sting of hearts  and this sting f heart can be hang on the cards these colorful printed hearts are showing that too much hearts are attracting you but that have only selected you.  With the help of tiny hearts you can write the names with the cards charts. You can use the different glues and the glitter with the help of buttons and the beads.

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