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Fabulous Handmade Popup Birthday Cards for Special Persons

Everyone is very excited about his/her birthday; especially children are super duper excited. They wait almost all the year for the celebration of birthday. If the birthday of yours someone special is coming and you are planning for a surprise but yet you have not decide something special then stay with us because we are giving you some useful handmade cards ideas.  Handmade card is a great idea because it is something unique to feel someone that he/she is really special for you.

These handmade cards are alluring, fascinating and superb to define your cordial concern for your near and dear ones. This figurine greeting card is looking so pretty, it is newest and accessible form of handmade card. You can see that it has sweet popping out figurine and red heart effect from light skin color center card and red outlining. You can also make it at home by little effort in different colors and can write your names in heart and some other words as I Love You on red card with some glitter to please yours someone special.

This heart and balloon card is looking so cute, it is easy to make and everyone can make it easily at home. To make this card, you will need a plain card sheet, some printed cards to cut out hearts and balloons. Cut balloons patterns and hearts patterns with different printed cards, attach them with string and tie all of them together from the bottom with a beautiful fancy ribbon. Now paste your creation on the plain white card, this card is perfect for kids because kids love the balloons the most.

If you want to wish birthday to a kid who is special for you then think about this beautiful handmade popup cake with candles card. It hue, cute popup designing and cordial wishing texts are superb to define your heart feelings and this alluring card is a terrific choice to wish birthday in most fabulous and memorable way. These balloons are a cute alternative of the real ones, add cuter text on the flag garlands and you are ready to go.

Make a special card for your girlfriend or boyfriend like this shown in the picture. Take a piece of fabric, do embroidery on it with different colors thread, make two persons with black thread, then use red thread for making a link line between two persons and make a tiny heart in the center of the link line. These thread people are looking so cute. This card is the best gift for your other half; it will definitely put a smile on his/her face.

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