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Exquisite Farewell Invitation Card Collection for Students

Study duration is the most interesting period of life of every student that has the charm of friendship, the bond with teachers and the time that lasts in your memories. It’s the tradition of saying good bye to seniors and in every institution the farewell party is held to tribute the students and making their last moments more momentous. The first thing before arranging the party is to invite these people so that they can make preparation and this must done before a week by sending farewell invitation card. Although you have a lot of choices to pick up the cards like handmade, readymade and the creative one which is easily accessible to shops but to invite the students the much preferred cards are handmade with your appreciating and creative work on card. My collection has some designs which will surely make your choice worthy. You may follow a theme party and this theme can styled on the card too giving the same hues of colors and material you are going to use in the decoration of party. But the important information like venue, timing, date, day and where it has held, all this can write on the front or inside the card. Well get ready because I am going to disclose the images one by one giving some fruitful ideas of decorating by yourself.

Farewell card design:

1. Invitation cards for farewell of students

These days the glitter of fomic sheet is becoming popular and to make any piece creative its use is universal, on card the farewell can write with cutting fomic sheet in any color but on this card the brown color has been used to glorify the sky blue card. Paste the stripes of prints on plain card to add charm. Well collectively one card to whole class can be given but if you want to have fun then make little cards too assigned to every student.

Fond farewell card idea:

2. Invitation cards for farewell of students

Well a fond farewell card is here with a lady bug that is inviting all the students and waiting anxiously. Approach the red with black tot card or alphabet stickers; put them all by writing a fond farewell which will show your wait. You may give detail of the activities inside the card so that all the seniors may aware that what would go in party.

Paper quilling farewell card:

3. Invitation cards for farewell of students

Paper quilling art is delighted one which has taken a move on cards these days; you can show the art of quilling by making different flowers but choose the bright color papers for the variety. Add the beauty of ribbon and lace to card for sophistication.

Button tree design farewell card:

4. Invitation cards for farewell of students

Simply a tree full of buttons on card is worth seeing so make the style statement with this idea and present it to the students. The design is simple but you can craze it with glittery buttons and fomic sheet.

Polka dot design purple card:

5. Invitation cards for farewell of students

One other design card is just to give you idea, take the all polka dot hues on card, add the stripes of dotted design but instead of taking the plain card you must take the printed too. Cut the glittery card butterflies and paste them randomly to card.

Bubble sheet wrapped card invitation:

6. Invitation cards for farewell of students

Simple card but with the wrapping of bubble sheet which is surely fun creating, this is however not a handmade but you can make it prepare from any printing shop but give them all the necessary information about party so that all the students invited on farewell will easily access to party.

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