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Different Handmade Cards In an Original Style


Creativity is a fun and it is not common in everyman because it is God gifted but if we learn  this art then we can feel it is not too much  difficult  with the little effort you can also able to make such paintings and art.

In this modern age when we see the different technologies   when we have an idea that we are technical attached to the others on the Facebook, whatsapp, twitter and much more apps are such but we are not connected to the others emotionally which is not good  the letters and the  cards are finished because  when we posted the cards to our friends and other relatives then 2 to 3 days  must spend it but now on the cell phone and the messenger we say  our all thinking and talking in one second  but now you should remake this tradition of  cards because  gifts are the good way to increase the love between him and you .

in the previous ages only the  eid card, birthday cards etc were common  but now all the days cards are available so you have no need  to wish your friends on the  special events you can give them  card at any time  so  the cards which we make  at home is very impressive for the  others  you can make it at your own home  the things which are used on the  cards are available at your home you can use it .

Animal inspired cards:

1. interesting and innovative popup handmade cards

If you are inspired from the animals and the birds then you should use such things which are easily available take a colorful hard chart paper it is printed   then make the  peacock  on the hard charts you can use different colors  charts for the feather of the peacock  you can contrast it  in a good way  in spite of the  peacock you can make owl style card  because  owl are very beautiful  use different paints  on the  dresses of owl  it is good for the boys if their birthday  is  near because owl is a male  animal and  if you want to make the  cards for the girls then light pink and the yellow color is good in the .light colors  for the girls butterfly animal is good  take a hard chart paper and use the different ribbons on the chart  and  use the different beads and the buttons to make it embellish for the more decoration you can use the   glitter pens  and the fancy stickers.

Heart designed cards:

2. interesting and innovative popup handmade cards

There are many events on which we make the card then how it can be possible that we forget the event of Valentine’s Day because this day is special for the two lovers and they want to express their feelings with the cards, teddy bear, flowers and the other things. It is  full of emotions for him if you make the  card with your own hands for him because   the colors and the neatness can tell your emotions and the feelings of your true heart  so make such cards which are  impressive .

red color is the  symbol of  love  and mostly lovers carry the red color on the valentine’s day  so you should use the red things in your  cards  because  red is a romantic color. Take  a  color paper  and fouled it in the shape of card and cut some hearts with the  foamy sheet and the glitter stickers are also  available in the market  and simple white with red contrast is also  good  take a plain white hard chart paper  and cut a heart in red color and paste in the center of the card  now your pop up  leaping and the  decent love you car is ready.

Floral cards:

3. interesting and innovative popup handmade cards

In the spring season many people wishes the others on the messages and calls but if you wish the others through the cards and the smooches   then it will be remember them for long time and message can be  deleted  so make the floral cards for them and   decorate it  in a good way  it is  interesting for you take a white chart paper  and  different color chart   for making the flower because we are going to make the flower basket for giving the others for  wishing him/her  spring season  cut the flowers and grass  and paste it on the card  means give a complete touch of garden riyal blue with the sky blue dye pop up card  is looking enchanting  with the white  flowers you can make it in many other combinations .


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