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Make Your Wedding Invites At Home And Stun Everyone With This Clever Idea

If you are going to tie the knot very soon and announce your wedding with an invite, stay connected to this post because here are going to give you amazing ideas about your invites.

This sounds very lovely to invite people who are close to you on your biggest day of life by sending them invitation cards. But in this modern world, the tradition of sending or giving invites has become very less.

People nowadays send them through different apps as sms, mms, watsapp etc but the happiness that the cards made by you can give cannot be given by formal way of sending message.

You can amaze people by sending your wedding invites by making with your hand if you loved this idea, check out this collection consists different styles of handmade wedding invites with description. Before making handmade wedding invitation card,

keep some necessary things in mind as the theme of your wedding, time, season etc. if you are going to get married in cold winter days, use this thing to make your card as shown in the picture. Take a white chart paper cut it out in the required size.

Paint a tree with empty branches as all trees are fallen because of the cold on one side of the card using the dark colors, make different sizes snowflakes and the interesting thing on this card is the couple of love birds.

You can show your deep lover to your spouse by making the couple of birds. Decorate the tree with matching white and light sky blue studs to make your card more beautiful and sparkly.

On the other side of the card, write the details of your wedding as the name of you and your spouse, venue and wedding dates.

For any wedding, the most important thing is the attires of both bride and groom because the couple is the focal point of everyone’s sight and everyone tries to look them at first. So why not opt for this thing to make a handmade invite, this idea will work great.

This is an amazing idea for making the handmade wedding invite, as like the bridal dress cut out the white card in heart shape, decorate it with pearls, stones and ribbon tie, paste this white heart onto the card, and then make another black and white heart to as like the suit off the groom.

Make a beautiful design on both corners of the card by using pearls; your recipient will stun to make your creativity of mind by seeing this beautiful card.

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