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Ideas To Make Handmade Wedding Invitation Cards

From the look of the cards one can well imagine how the wedding function is going to happen. Your wedding card can be called the first impression of marriage that should be outstanding. So try to make your cards good-looking one and you can also make cards with your hands.

Making cards can be a tiresome work but with the help of friends and close friends you can have a memorable time with them and also can make lovely cards. To invite guests on weddings through cards is the most formal way and you must do this activity with making cards in most sophisticated way. Different designs that you can do easily at home for making cards are given below:

Pearl embellished cards:

Choose a colorful chart paper and cut it in the size of a card. Now cut a white chart paper in the form of heart and then paste pearls on it. At one side you can paste heart shape stud in red color and your card will look very pretty and nice-looking.

This style of card is easy to make and will look very sophisticated. The other card is also looking very beautiful and on self printed card binds a ribbon at center and attach pearl embellished large stud at one side of the card. The color of ribbon will give complement to the card. This card will look very elegant and amazing.

Card in the form of bride and groom dresses:

These cards are looking wonderful and these will please the receiver. The bride and groom will also feel very happy with these cards. If you want to make cards that look like wedding card from its look then opt for this card. Cut one card in the form of groom dress and the other in the form of dress of a bride and then embellish both with ribbon.

Now pace a flower in the middle of both cards and embellish the card with bride dress with pearls. The card that is made in the form of bride dress is décor with flowers of white color.

Card embellish with grey color net sheet:

This card is looking very simple but the designing and style is making it wonder-struck. A small card in the middle of the main card is décor with designing and then the net sheet is used for the decoration of the card. White and grey color both are giving complement to each other and the card is looking magnificent. The people who desire to have simple but stylish card can consider this design to make and this card will look outclass and amazing.

An elegant card with heart shape designing:

To make the card that look expensive go with this designing of making a cover and then embellish the card with heart shape designing. With the help of ribbon embellish the cover of the card and then décor the card with silver grey color heart shape in the center and also further embellish it with floral designing in the center of the heart.

You can make a small square shape normal size box and put the card inside that. Take net sheet in grey color and make the cover of the box with them. This card will give outstanding look and you will throw a very good impression on your guests.

Card with floral designing:

This card is looking fabulous with its designing. On hard card fancy lace is paste first and then card is décor with floral designing. Furthermore rhinestones are used and the whole card is looking elegant and magnificent. This designing will give aristocratic look to your card. Red color floral designing will look very lovely making the card give outstanding look.


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