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Different Handmade Cards For Our Dears For Saying Thanks

Handmade card is very good gift for someone because it give the feelings of love and association to the others .the cards can make at home with the different things you should be something creative and some know how about the art .because card making can make you special in the eyes of someone because the worth of a gift is not as much like the value of handmade cards we should do something different and special for the others.

It is saying that the exchanging of the gifts enhance the love between  two persons  so with the sharing of cards on the little  happiness we can scattered so much pleasures around us the  trend of the card giving is very  ancient but now the place of cards is giving the mobile,  messages , face book  ,instagram ,and many other message app has   taken this place but  now a day this  trend is alive but in many new and stylish way because  the people are changed and modern .everybody wants   to wish their special one in different ways but it is not compulsory that the special one is only boy friend or girl friend it can be any  close one of you.

Light pink color card:


Take a chart paper and cut it in the shape of card and then make the  flowers with the different colorful  charts  and make  the flowers and bind it into  the bouquet style now you can paint it on the colorful glitter  paint for the great look  if you want to make the flowers on the cards then take a white color embossed card and make the different flowers on it  pink flower with the beads embellished in the center is looking so nice  you can give this light color cards to your  mother for thanks  to give birth you and bring up you .

Leave embellished cards:


In the autumn if you want to make the card    for your dear one then  you can make the leaves which are fallen because in the autumn all the leaves are  fall   on the dark  green card  paste the hard chart paper and  draw the lines on it  and paste the  petals and the leaves which are fallen that give your card a autumn inspired look  it is in the dark color scheme you can give this card to your  friends because in friends gift exchanging is common thing then you can thanks  her with this card.

Spring season cards:


Cards are made according to the season because now a days the spring season is continue  and we want to say welcome this season with little happiness  if your birthday is in the spring season and your friend has  present for  you then you can thank her with this spring floral embellished card  brown color hard chart paper is used for making the card and   simple foam is used for making the cards  this is good for giving your sister or any close friend  on the  white color card you can use the different colorful flowers and the buttons for making the card elegant  on the foamy flowers you can use the buttons if you want to make it more special then add the pearl its on your wish.

 Thanks card for teacher:


Teacher is second than the parents  we should respect them and know the worth of them we should be thankful to them so if you want to say thanks to your teacher then it is good and respected way than the gift  that make a creative card for them .take a hard chart paper and make different shapes on the card  and use it on the card and paste the fake flowers petals and the buttons shells etc and paste a lamination cover on the back of the card  and with the colorful marker say them thanks and different regarding  quotations for them.

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