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Latest and beautiful handmade New Year cards ideas

Card is the best way to express your love for the other because it show how much the person is attached to you .gift is best way to feel the other happy  and handmade card is most special thing for the other because on it you have spent your  precious time  and then design it.

Handmade cards  are not so difficult but you  should be something creative  and different from the others. New year is  start a d the people are  very happy because they are wishing something  new and different from the previous  year the things which they had lost in their past  at the place of  these happiness  they will find more achievements.

The benefit of the handmade card is that you can use the favorite color of second person in the cards and cards can make according to the season. All the gifts and things become expire and spoil but the card remain save because on it the name of that person is written  on the cards you can use the colors , crepe paper , foamy sheet , glitter, wire , and the paints are required so with these things make the cards for your dear ones.

Red color handmade card:

Red color is the good sign of love you can give it  to your lover and the  wife  or husband because with the red color you  can show your love. Take a printed white color card and  then paste the red color  crepe paper on it  make two flowers on it means the couple of you  and write happy new year on it  you can give it to that person whose wedding is near and you are going to attend  give this card and wishing for they will remain together always for the formal look you can add the glitter glue .

Handmade card for friend:

After your family  the friends are the  important person for you  because you can share your ideas  and the secrets with your friend so  never forget your friend  make a card for her take the purple color soft sheet and cut it in the shape of card and then use  tissue roll card on it for designing  in the floral style and write the happy new year in the center  the pink  Is paired with purple  is nice choice for the formal look stones are used on the flower you can apply the glue glitter paste for the  shining .

Card for kids:

On the celebration the kids are properly engaged because they want to do fun  so for the kids use the dark and blush colors because they like the bold colors  so make the green color  card with different characters and the animal pictures on it and the tie is attached with the card if you will give the card to our kids then this habit is developed in them to wish the birthdays happy new year and the  Christmas and other events  if you include the kids then  he or she become habitual to  celebrate the little happiness to the others.

Card for your parents:

On the new year you  should include your family and the parents because they  feel happy in our happiness  so make the cards  in the  skin color  and use the little pictures of your family  on the card  with  the flower and use it on the card that is in the crepe paper  make the portion on the card and count the members of your family  and then cut the pictures of every person and paste it on the  card at the place of pictures you can use the different flowers charts and write happy new year on it.

Funny handmade card:

When the new year is start too   much coldness the frost  and the mist snow falling ,raining etc are  in the weather  then yo0u can wish the other in the winter and snowy style because  all the dull and  blush colors are used normally in the card so the winter card is different from the other cards  take the  hard card  in purple color and paste the blue color crepe paper on it  and then give a snowy touch with the help of markers and the paint  then penguin who are the king of the snow make on the card you can give it to your friend ,cousins , sister, brother and your any love one .



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