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Easy To Make Handmade Cards for New Year

On New Year’s Eve every person feels happy and wants to celebrate the New Year in the best way. Everybody wishes the other person to have a joyful and blissful new year in which there remain no grudges and worries of previous year. No matter how much the world become advanced in technology the best way of giving wishes is through cards. Your heartily congratulations the way a card can show that is not possible through messages or sms. And if you make a card for your friends, relatives or closed one than this will show your love and devotion for them. On this New Year try to make cards on your own and this is not a very difficult task. You can do this with little effort and ideas for designs and styles are given here;

Adorable cards with floral designing;

Here we have adorable cards with very simple designing. To make thses cards you need to take self printed cards with light colors and then make flowers on it with the help of other chart papers. Cut a square shape chart paper less in length than the size of the card and paste it on the card. Now make two or three flowers on it with crape paper. Cut crape paper in round shape and in the shape of leaves. Make flowers with these shapes on the chart paper and make on it different designs.

Cards décor with stars;

A very nice-looking card is before us and to make this shiny looking card, Cut stripes of a gold colored shiny card and paste it on the chart paper that is in the form of card. Now take glittered paper and cut it in the form of stars. Paste two stars on opposite sides of the card. To make it more beautiful take the gold colored shiny paper and cut it in the shape of stars smaller than the previous one and paste them on the glittered stars. You can also paste two or three more stars of small size on the card to increase its charming look.

 Special card for your close friends;

A little more time is needed to make this card. Take a white color chart paper and cut it in the size of normal card. Now cut the chart paper in zig zag form and paste it on the chart paper that is cut in shorter length than that of the card. Now cut glittered forming sheet in elongated form and attach it to the card. Make a small size square shape card and paste on it card that are in different designs like glass of vine and bottle that symbolize the event of celebration. Tied these two smaller cards with that of the large on with the help of ribbon and attach a small sized star on the end.

Card decorated with alphabets;

An easy way to make this card is to two rectangular shape cards, one is smaller than the other. With glittered forming sheet make alphabets to write happy New Year that is not very difficult. On forming sheet with the help of pencil and scale write alphabets and cut them with the help of scissors. Attach these alphabets on the card. A very good-looking card you will have for your relatives or friends.
On this New Year, make your friends and relatives happy by giving your time to make something new and different from them. The idea of card is coming from centuries but still you can bring changes in its design and style and make your closed one feel special.

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