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Decent Handmade Card to Wish New Year 2017

With the arrival of anew festival or occasion every lively person must think to wish his or her relatives, friends and people concern to him or her to have best of all and may enjoy each and every moment happily. As with the coming of new year you would like to wish your friends and relatives to have a blissful and happy new year and believe me the best way to wish others especially your closed people is by making cards on your own.

Not necessarily if one cannot buy cards for not having enough budget only then one can go for making cards at home but even if you can afford then also prefer to make cards with your own Hands. This gesture will show others about their worth and place in your life. Also this thing will make other happier because you have given a time for making cards in order to please them. Even if you have grudges with someone try to forget all about past and make a new start with this New Year and start your relation by sending cards full of heartily wishes. The ideas to make cards with different designs are given here.

Homemade card embellished with glitter:

This is looking a very decent yet stylish designing to make card in black and white colors and paste shiny stars made of glitter on it. You can use any soft and shiny material to cut that into alphabets and place them on cards to wish the other person. Embellish the cards with rhinestones to make the card attractive and beautiful. This card with its shiny look will please its receiver for its awesome look.

Write the year on card making sun around:

A new year is considered to be a new beginning and arising of sun is associated with a new beginning and a new start. So the sun on card will look very significant and this idea is applicable on New Year card. As it is shown in the picture here a card with designing of sun giving the view of arising sun you can make a card in this manner easily.  To make a card like this first cut a white chart paper in the size of normal card. Now take another black color or in any contrasted color chart paper and cut that accordingly writing New Year on that chart paper and place them on white color chart. For designing make sun on both corners of the card and embellish it with stars or rhinestones. You can also use shiny beads for further embellishment.

New year card with shiny stars:

This way of making card will show your soft and innocent nature and to make this you need to have simple material like glitter stars in golden color and chart paper with some other tool. On a white chart paper paste thin strings white chart paper and decor these strings with shiny glitter stars and golden rhinestones. These glowing stars will make the card shine and this method of making card is very easy and doable.

Celebration making card:

If you are a lively person then this way of designing will let you ditch all other options. This designing will please its beholder giving the effect of celebration. To make this colorful card place a square shape card of smaller size on larger mustard color card and write your wishes on it with the help of grace paper. The method of using grace paper is to write alphabets on it with pencil and then cut it with scissors. Use some other colored chart paper and place on card with rounded shape to give the card look of celebration.

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