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For Cousins Handmade Cards Ideas for the New Year

New year is not very far only 15 to 16 days are  remaining to start the new year  and the new year is very important for everyone because it is the wish of every person that the new year will bring  happiness and bliss all the sorrows will  finished .new year is the full of good expectations  you can wish the new year to your close  relations in a good way  because there are hundred and thousand way to wishing the others the card made idea is the best to wishing the other on the special events whether it is their wedding ceremony ,

their anniversary ,birthday ,valentine , new year and the many events which a person  want to make it special .card made idea is good to show your feelings and the  emotions for the others because when you spend your precious time on the card making then it  show your love for the others  and the cousins who are  an integral part of your family you can  make the different style card for your cousins that are not so much difficult you can easily make it at your home.

Card for your elder cousin:

If you want to give the card to your elder cousin then it should be something simple and decent so you  can use the white paper with the  glitter  it is nice choice first write the message of you  or which event you want to wish  the other so make a card with the Happy new year   and then color in these words  with the glittered glue and then paste some ribbons and the  stones  on the card that give your card a new look.

Decent and simple card:

In your family and cousins some one is so  simple and decent  he or she only talk at the time to need to speak otherwise they remain silent so if you want to wish them happy new year then make a decent and  elegant card  take a white  silky style card and then write with the shimmery chart  with the twinkling star  and the embossed new year  is written on it  the twinkling star on the card  is symbolizes the  many happiness will come in your coming life and you will really enjoy it.

Handmade card for younger:

Younger cousins is the also expected that  someone will wish  you on the special events then you can  make the handmade card then take the different color  hard charts and then  cover it with the different color  crepe paper and make the different little things and paste it on the card  make small flower and paste it on the card with the bee that is  sucking the flower you can make the flowers  and the raw fruits  it show that you are given the message  of grown up well  in a good way flowers with leaves and the  bee is  on the card is given  the good look.

Card for cousin groom:

In the start of the new year you can make the card for the other cousin  so if the wedding ceremony of your cousin is near  then  you can wish your  groom cousin  in a good way  then take a black color hard chart and  then the white color  highlight on it  then the white with black  color combination  of the groom dress  and for the formal look you can  use the shimmery ribbon made  bow which is mostly used on the  shirt  then in under the bow use the stones that are looking like button  so you can give them as a gift.

New Year card for cousin friend:

In your cousins friend is also present because in the family any friend is must  so if you want to wish your friend new year because for giving the gifts and no need for special event  you can give it at any time  so for your friend make the colorful card that spread a smile on her face so take a card in the white color  and then decorate it with the colorful flowers that can easily made by the tissue roll card it is very easy to make the flowers and the formic sheet is also good way to make the designs  on the card  with the glittered glue  write the wishing and give your cousin .

New Year card for bride cousin:

2016 is going to be end and the New Year is going to be start so all the people are excited and in the start of the New Year many wedding will be organized   the bride’s gown is in the white color so if you want to wish your cousin bride then take the white silky shaded card and make the circles on the card and use the sitara and the sparkling stars  on the card  with the printed prayers on it  you can give it to the bride with the beautiful  gift. You can write the name of the groom and bride on the card with glittered pen.

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