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Reuse Your Old Cardboard Boxes In Clever & Creative Ways

Hey readers! If you are interested to make things with recycled materials, plz come here because here is something special and different for you. We have brought different ideas about making things with your cardboard boxes.

Do you imagine these cardboards boxes can be used, after unpacking things we all throw these in our store rooms. But now you not need to waste them but while you can make interesting things with cardboard. Let’s learn how we can make different things with cardboard.

Cardboard elephant skull wall décor:

This elephant wall décor is looking amazing and stunning. You can diy this at home by using glue; scissors etc. stun everyone by making this and decor your gallery way wall with this amazing piece. There is an option for you that you can paint the color of this elephant skull with original color.

Cardboard ceiling lampshade:

Create this beautiful lampshade with cardboard, hand it down from ceiling and get huge appreciation from others. This exclusive lampshade is ideal for your home and people will definitely appreciate and amaze with the creativity of your mind.

Cardboard shelves:

Not only for decoration but cardboard boxes can also be used to make useful things as you can see in the picture. Beautiful book shelves are designed with cardboards and with some extra effort and hard work you can make different beautiful styles of shelves. Make stackable shelves with some cardboard and display your books and showpieces etc.

Cardboard fish:

Making fish with cardboard is an amazing idea. You can keep this amazing fish on your dining table and it can be placed on the wall of your kids’ room. Engage your kids in this activity and ask them to fill the cardboard fish with beautiful colors to make it look more beautiful and attractive.


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