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Make Unique Photo Frames at Home

Making picture frames at home is not a difficult task. By making little effort you can make it easily with your waste materials. You can preserve your memories by putting them in handmade photo frames. You can make beautiful photo frame with hard cover of old book, shoebox, an old frame etc.
Take the lid of a shoe box and cut it out from the center to create a square hole. Apply a thick layer of glue and put so many sea shells on the layer of glue on all the four boundaries of the lid. Leave it to dry for several hours and your unique sea shell photo frame is ready. Put the sweat picture of your childhood in it.

If you want to make small picture frame then use a hard sheet and cut it in the same pattern and then cover it with light color wrapping paper and apply thick layer of glue on it and place different coins on it so that it will support the coins easily and your diy coin picture frame is ready to decorate the sweat picture of your mother and you can make the frame with different kinds of beads and colorful buttons.
You can renew your old picture frame by bring some changes in it. The idea is here to renew your old frame. Take out the frame from the store room and decorate it with some tiny color pencils by sticking them with a strong gum or glue.

Place this photo frame with the picture of your child and yours in your kid’s room. Display the memories of your childhood by putting them in frames is a nice and unique idea you can do this by following the idea. Place a big frame on the wall and other frames in different sizes place around the big frame; display your tiny clothes, shoes, socks, and cap and birthday card in different frames. This is a very nice and unique idea to inspire the guests a lot.

Take the hollow round card board paint it with nice light color and you can display all of your pictures by putting clothes clippers all around it and without pictures it will look like a sun. Take a huge round frame that you can get from your old looking mirror and decorate the edges with different sizes and shapes of sea shells place it on the wall and then place some small picture frames in the hollow space of the big frame.

You can use different color wool and shimmery thread to make a frame. Take a square hard board or an old frame and wrap different color wool around the edges and after done this you can paste some beads on the wool to make the frame more beautiful and attractive and you can do this with round frame too. Display the picture in the frame made on the Mason jar is a creative and unique idea and everyone will like it the most.

Take a mason jar and paint it with color of your choice and leave the area where you want to put the picture. After drying the jar place the picture and put some fresh flowers in the jar.
These ideas are kind enough to diy picture frames at home and you can make so many frames and things with the creation of your mind.

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