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Make Your Jewelry At Home By Following These Clever Ideas

Making jewelry at home is an unbelievable thing and majority of the people consider it impossible. In this post we are going to make this impossible thing possible and going to share with you some clever ideas about jewelry making.

Stay connected with this post and learn to make your own jewelry at home. Some basic things that you will need to make your jewelry at home metal wire, wire cutter, heavy duty glue and the material which you want to use for your jewelry.

To make a delicate chain pendant like this you will need, metal wire, golden, silver or copper it’s up to your choice. Tear drop stone or crystal, and a dainty chain. First of all, cut the wire and then mould it in leaf shape and combine both the ends making a hoop to insert the chain.

Put your crystal or stone in the leaf wire, hold it tightly and start wrapping the wire to support the stone in the leaf. Make this net to support the stone just over the stone not over the leaf and en the end secure the wire ends very finely that could not hurt your beautiful neck.

Make a pair of same pendants one for you and one for your bestie, she will definitely feel happier to get this handmade jewelry item.

If you want to make jewelry at home, you no need to worry to buy expensive items you can make it by using the things that are available at home as old beads, pearls, buttons, stones, crystals etc.

the most important thing you will need is the metal wire, if not available at home spend some money to purchase it from the market. Cut the wire in your required length, mould it in your desired shape, if you want to make ear hoops earrings, mould the wire in circular shape.

Mould the one end and then insert the pearls in it according to your choice and the color of your dress and then secure them to keep in the place. Don’t forget to make hoops to insert the earrings in your ears.

By following the same method you can make different designs and styles of earrings match to each dress. After learning these ideas you would no need to buy expensive jewelry from the market as you can make on your own by using the things that are easily available at home.

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