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Lovely and charming handmade accessories for girls

After the nature the God has made the woman beautiful we can say that God has given the second name of the beauty to the lady because they have very soft heart and they are very sensitive.

They have full right to groom themselves because it suits on their sex with the dresses and the footwear the other accessories can increase their beauty many things are used for the grooming of the girls like make up jewelry hair accessories and many other things.

The things are in the different style like stone embellished, lace embellished, sitara and many other things and the jewelry is the need of the girls  because it look so nice in the hands , neck and the fingers and ears use it with your simple dresses and make your look formal and attractive .

the jewelry is not very tough to make it at home because  the things are present at home  which are not in our use  like the lace ,buttons, stones, ribbons , pearls and stone  so stay with us and take ideas to make the beautiful jewelry .

Black stone embedded dress:

Stone  are not very heavy  but when we wear it in our neck then it look so nice and sparkling with your every color dress wear the  black stone  necklace  it is great style if you are wearing red dress in the off shoulder style or the strapless dress then use this stone  locket  you can make it at home it with the black stones and the chain in the back when it will dropping on your neck  it will give you great look.

Beads and ribbon made bracelet:

The fashions of bangles are very less and girls are using the bracelet very much matching with their dresses and footwear the bracelet is very easy to make at home  take the sleek ribbon dory and the orange beads  and made it in the tie style  mean in the knotted style the beads and the ribbon are in the line  you can use the ribbon and the beads according to your  dress color  because it is very easy to  make at home you can make many different colors bracelet at home with your simple creativity.

Statement style necklace:

Choker style and the statement style  is very inn now a days because it gives your neck an formal; look if your dress is simple from the neck  then  carry the choker with the pearls and the beads embellished  in the neck carry the lace  and stone embellished  necklace that is very easy to make at  home  take the  lace  in the black  color shuttle  floral lace with the hook and the stones in the red color  almond style the  stud are very common among the  ladies so the  on the lace you can use these studs in different color.

Lace ribbon anklet:

In the summer  season  carry the floral and simple dress  because it will keep you away from the too much sweating  shorts with top , cigarette  pent, tights and the tulip pants they are  lower  higher from the ankle  with these dresses carry the shuttle lace  with the ribbon make flowers  and use the fancy buttons on the silk  flower  carry it in the summer  for the nice look  it is very easy to make at home  you have to use  the  spare things .

Steel barring with dory:

In your home the steel nut  are present that are not in your use  then  pick these nut and make a  cluster with the help of wire  and the dory in the both side of the nut it is looking so decent and nice but this is mostly carried by the  boho girls  according to your dress  select  the  color and  use it in the barring it is  good  for your  hand beauty .  It is simple but the sparkling of the nuts is giving your bracelet a cool look.

Bow knot in different color:

Make the different bow knots at your own home it is not very difficult use the velvet fabric and make it in the knot style with the different color fabric moonlight stuff is also good. On the knot you  can use the pearl  and the colorful beads on these clips  it can be used in the dresses  or in heads for the hair accessories  the ivory pearl on the knots are looking so royal make it at home it is very easy to decorate it at home .

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