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Ideas To Make Diy Flower Pot

Gardening is really refreshing and mind relaxing habit and people who do gardening they really feel awesome and the result in terms of beautiful and fine-looking garden full of flowers make them feel inner happiness. Flowers spread fragrance and they are important to have soothing environment and if you have a garden in your home then try to make the garden innovative and gorgeous with different ways.

One way is by making diy flower pots and instead of terracotta pots if you place diy flower pots in home and in your garden they will present more eye-catching and eye-pleasing look. Different methods of making diy flower pots are shown here:

Laced embellished diy flower pots:

Convert your terracotta pots into beautiful and embellished diy flower pots and with lace embellishment they will give outstanding look. You need to have beautiful white color lace, glue, brush and terracotta pots. With the brush put the glue on the [pot and then attach lace on it. This will look very elegant and sophisticated and will help in increasing the charm of the house.

Affix twigs to make flower pot:

Using a number of twigs and arranging them appropriately you can make this diy pot and then fix the twigs with dori. You décor beautiful flowers in this twig affix pot. You can place this pot near the window in home and it will present very nice and charming scene. You can also use these twigs to décor the planters by cutting the twigs in round shape and small pieces and paste them with the help of glue on terracotta pots.

Flower pot decor with pebbles:

To place the planters in your home for decoration you will prefer to make the pots look elegant and sophisticated. White pebbles on the planters will present fabulous scene and will make the pot look wonderful. Filled with white color flowers the pot will look striking and pleasing. You can uplift the charm of your home with the addition of this nice-looking stone embellished diy pot.

Diy pot with chalk paint:

You can paint diy pots with chalk paint and with all white color planters will look very attractive. To make them more eye-catching you can paint dots on the planters. On foam you can put colorful paint and then with the help of pencil make dots on the planters. You can go with different colors to make the dots and this will make the pot look fabulous.



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