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Handmade Statement Necklace Ideas For Yourself At Home

When you carry the dresses and the footwear then  you look fabulous because a  good dressing  make the man  beautiful and impressive.

But when you add different things in your  dressing then  it look more enchanting as just like make up ,jewelry, glasses, lenses  , bags and many other accessories especially the girls are very conscious about their beauty and dressing they want to look perfect and beautiful.

So they carry different style jewelry with their dress like the bracelet, locket , rings , bangles and many other  but these  things are very costly in the market and very delicate which are made of the pearls stones and beads.

But if you carry antique jewelry it can go for long time but if you are something creative then it is very easy for you to make the  jewelry at home  with the different spare things .

Today the trend of choker and the statement necklace is much more because the boat neckline is common among the girls. so here I  have some ideas to make the statement  necklace if you want to make these  necklace at home then stay with us and see the ideas.

Make colorful necklace:

In your neck if you are wearing very open neckline shirt then carry the very huge size beads  statement necklace take the pink dory in the roped style and  put the  colorful donut style  beads in the dory  and bind it from the back if you don’t want to bind it then use the hook  for closing the locket .it is best for the  summer and the spring season because the colorful beads are in the necklace and for summer  because in the summer we wear loose and open dress for the young girls it is very easy to make.

Twisted style statement:

At home  if you want to make jewelry for you then it is not tough work for you because take a rope  or the ribbon  and keep the  foam in the ribbon and stitch it with the machine and then  take black and white shirt Patti style dupatta  and wrap it in the twisted style  with your simple dress carry  this  statement necklace the student of college and the universities  must ;like it is very easy to make in the center of the locket you can add the button and the  ring.

Fancy necklace for simple dress:

In the summer  we don’t want to carry fancy and the embroidered dresses  due to  much hotness and the  suffocation  we prefer light and simple dresses  so if you are wearing light dresses then  carry the fancy and fabulous  necklace which you can make it at home take the simple steel chain  and the  almond style buttons can use in the chain it is up to your choice which color do you want  to use in your necklace with your dress match the button otherwise the black is good it can go with every  color dress.

Pearl and kundan embedded:

Pearl is very precious thing it look so royal and traditional in the  when you carry it in your neck  with your simple dress  carry the pearl embellished necklace it is very beautiful  but at the place of  white pearl you can also use the ivory color pearl  are your home extra pearl are present  then take some pearls and put it in the  thread   and in the center  use the  stone and beads made clip  with black ribbon is looking gorgeous  on the brides and the fairy look like girls this necklace is best.

Motifs and cut work necklace:

At home if you want to make the necklace then take some beads and the cut motif for making the statement necklace when you put the beads in one thread then put the other color beads in the other thread and make the Patti style with crossing the beads layer after upper and down style with the steel hook to close it with your simple fancy dresses carry this necklace it will give you an outstanding look in the necklace you can select your two favorite colors.




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