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Handmade Jewelry Making Ideas For The Hands

The dresses and the footwear are the essential things of the girls because it is compulsory for the dressing but with the dresses and footwear the girls like to carry different accessories with their dresses  because  it give them formal ,semi formal and the casual look  in the dressing of the girls the jewelry is also included because if your dress is simple then jewelry and make up can increase  your  look so the jewelry in the different style look so beautiful it is in the stone, beads ,pearls ,and the other things are embedded in the  jewelry you can carry the bracelet , ring , necklace and the  bangles but it  will give you more  pleasure when you will make it at your home because it is very easy and  beautiful to make at home  with the different things like lace, ribbons, buttons, dory , pearls and the beads  it look nice if you wear these jewelry with your simple formal and  casual dresses in the home you can add the colors according to your choice.

Black lace made  bracelet:

The black shuttle lace is very simple and not much expensive   but some lace and use the big button for close the bracelet brown color stone is used in the center of the bracelet and the flowers are made in the side of the stone with the chain and the ring the ring is attached with the bracelet the black color dropping style stones are on the bracelet  it is in the lace  you can carry it with your lace red color dress and with white in the all seasons for your hand beauty.

Black choker style:

Full flexible  black color choker  is very beautiful it is very common now a days the girls are carrying the choker with their simple dresses  because it look so decent the style of choker is very old but now it become renew among the ladies  on the black flexible bracelet the pearl is used it is up to your choice you can used the any color  pearl according to your choice but at a time change the pearl it is very easy to do at home .

Colorful bracelet for the friends:

If you  have know how about making the bracelet at home then it is very easy to make the jewelry at home take the shuttle lace in the black color  with the colorful stones  it is up to your choice  which color stone do you like to put in the bracelet  because it us the benefit of making the thing at home take some chains and  attach it with the  rings it is best gift to give your friend on the  birthday friendship day  and on the different events.

Bow style handmade bracelet:

At home if you want to make the bracelet then  you can use the crochet pattern also  in your bracelet take an off white color crochet  strap and make the ribbon style bow knot and srich it on the  strip and use the  elastic for carrying it is best to carry with the lawn dresses  on the 14th august you can carry it at the place of different bands you can give your friend as a love token.

Black and red shaded bracelet:

Black is the favorite color of everyone because it can be carried at any event or any tkime  so the black color can be contrasted with any blush and light color  so take the  black chiffon lace  and  and cut it in the different  style  and use the ribbon make  and the velvet made flowers in the red color in the center of the bracelet  and at the place of the red color you can use another color according to your choice  and  it can be presented to the other as a valentine day gift or the birthday gift.

Floral and the bow style:

The girls who like very decent and the  elegant things they can  make the floral bracelet at home take the old pony which is made of thread  and  take some tiny flowers in the pink and green color which are used on the baby’s dresses   with the dropping pearls in the white color and the bow knot can be used kin any color at the side of the bracelet it can be made for the children also  with the wire make the  ring and use the ribbons for making flowers.

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