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Handmade Hair Accessories Ideas For Girls In Chic Style

After the dresses and the shoes the turn is the makeup and the jewelry and jewelry can enhance the beauty of your personality .hairstyle can change your overall look there are many hairstyles which are introduced by the hair designers for the girls that can give them a nice look, layer, step, messy, and many other styles which look so nice on the different face shapes .

Many new styles are also introduced by the designers for the perfect trendy look. If your hairstyle is very simple then use the colorful embroidered pins, clips, brooches and many others things for making your hair fancy and stylish.

So make the different   hair accessories  at your home it is very easy to make with the laces , buttons, ribbons, beads and the  many other  spare things can be used on these things  so stay with us and see the different ways to make the  hair accessories at home and make different hairstyle with these pins , clips and brooches.

Floral bow style knot:

Grey color floral stuff is  used  for making the knot  double layer fabric is used for making the knot  the color you can select according to your  choice and the dress color  you can combine the knot with the pins and clips and the  rubber band is also good  this bow style  bands can be used by the baby girls and the elder both it were common in the Victorian age.

Heart embellished hair band:

The little girls who have short hair they also want to make the fancy hairstyle then they can use the hair band or catcher  take the simple plastic hair band and use some  foam  made hearts in different color  on it is up to your choice which size of heart do you like to paste on the hair bands  it is very  to make at home because on the foam first make the shapes and then cut it is not compulsory that you can only use the hearts rather  use any shape like star ,flower and moon in different colors.

Pearl and stone embellished pin:

The girls who have very short hair and they have no option to make the fabulous hairstyle then in their short hair with the fancy brooches and the pins make the hairstyles  you know pearl is very precious thing  it gives you royal look because princess were carried the pearl jewelry tiny and large size pearls are used on the pins with the pink stones  pink color is really like by the girls because it give them cute look  at the place of pink stones you can use any color  for the baby girls and the brides both are good.

Stone embellished brooches:

On your hair you can use the fancy and the embedded pins so make the bun and the updo in your hair and make the steel floral style pins embedded with stones and crystals  it is not compulsory that you can make the floral style pins only rather all your favorite  style can be made at home  in the feather style , star style and the heart style it is up to you. Apply it in the half up and half down hairstyle knot hairstyles and the messy curly bun.

Cute and beautiful floral pins:

In the spring if you are making hairstyle in the simple style like twister, becumin and half and half down hairstyle on it use these floral colorful pins  you can match it  the pins are made at home with the coarse fabric and the pearl  in the center of the pins  you can make different  flowers like  rose, lily , sunflower and which you like mostly   it can be used formally and casually  and both young and small  girls can used it.  With the coarse fabric cut make the floral style and then use the pin under the flower.

Shimmered fabric in the knot style:

Take a shimmered fabric in golden and silver color and use it on your ponytail, sling back hair and on the half up and half down hair it look so nicer if you attend a night party then it will sparkle in the lights  that give you a great princess like look   you can make it  in the clip or pin style  use it  and after using keep  it save you can use different shimmered fabric in your hairstyle.


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