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Handmade Card Ideas With Get Well Soon Wishes

It sounds really very lovely when a person close to you is sick and you send him or her wishes to get well soon. Cards making is a pretty good idea to show others how much you harbor love for them and you have made a card just for his pleasure and happiness.

This shows your kind nature and also your concern for the other person. If you do not have the talent of making a Gn excellent handmade card then here we will show you such amazing cards which do not only look good and nice but they are also easy to make.

Looking at these cards your mind will click that these are too easy to make and if there is any person such as your cousin, friend or teacher is ill just make him or her feel special and send a get well soon card with your wishes. Scroll down to see the ideas for making card:

Handmade card with bandages on it:

To make this card you have to take two cards one is printed and the other plain. On printed card you can place the plain card and then paste on the card two bandages that are used when you got some cut on any part of your body. These bandages can be placed in parallel position with equal distance and write on the above and lower side your wish of get well soon. This cad is looking very nice and it is not difficult to make this one.

Handmade card with butterfly:

This handmade card is looking fabulous and fantastic with beautiful butterfly. For making this butterfly you need to cut three of different cards in butterfly designing with different sizes and then join them as shown in the picture. You can use different button to place in the center and if your lovely friend and sister cousin is ill you can make this beautiful card fort her.

Handmade card if someone got cold:

You can make this handmade card if someone got cold and to make this card you have to make cloud on the above side. Then use colorful blue color buttons to make rain and under the rain paste a small card with the shape and designing of umbrella. Then write below the card feel better soon. This card is looking awesome and fabulous. This is also very interesting to make cards according the disease of the ill person.

Handmade card with syrup and spoon:

Using white color paper you can make bottle of syrup and spoon. For this you can draw the shape of syrup and spoon on paper with the help of pencil and then cut them. Using red color chart paper make small sizes of hearts and then paste them on the bottle and on the spoon. This would make the receiver feel happy and delighted.



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