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DIY and Make Your Own Mason Jars Wax Candles

Everyone loves candles but everyone cannot afford these because these are too expensive to buy from the market. If you want to make your own candles in mason jars then stay with us because here we have collected some diy tutorials for you that will show you

that how can you exactly make your own high quality and beautiful Mason jar candles at home. These diy mason jars candles make excellent gifts for friends and family. To make Mason jar candle you will needed:

    1 lb bag of soy wax flakes
    Wax colorant, chips, bars or in liquid form
    Candle pouring pot
    Medium sized wicks and wicked stickums
    Wick holder sticks
    Wooden spoon
    Scent oil of your own choice
    Pint sized Mason jar.

First of all, collect the used mason jars, clean them thoroughly and if you want to make your jars beautiful then you can decorate them with different things. Make sure that glass of your jar is thick because thinner glass can crack from the flame of the candle.

Take your stickum and apply it to the metal base of your wick and then stick it to the bottom of your jar to firmly hold your wick in place. Drop your wick into the centre of the jar and you can use the end of the spoon to push up the stickum down firm on the bottom of the jar.

These are the instructions to style and hold your wick holder in centre, take the wick holders, wick holders are basically two little wooden dowels with tight rubber bands on each end. These are used to pinch your wick and hold it taut in the centre of your jar while pouring candle wax and while it is sitting. Do your best to balance your week in the right centre of your jar; otherwise it will be crook once the wax is set.

The most important part of making candle is melting the wax and there are different ways to melt it. Put wax flakes in a pan and put the pan on stove and keep the flame on the lowest heat during the whole process.

Take your wooden spoon and stir and stir until all your wax melts down, after melting the wax you can add colors and scents according to your choice. Pour the melted wax into your jar carefully, let it cool down and then trim the wick to ¼ “long.

Your jar candle is ready and now it’s time to decorate it with different things, you can decorate your jar from inner side or outerside. To decorate it from the inner side, put colorful confetti, beads or pearls, plants and other materials which do you like before pouring the wax.

There are so many ways to make the jar beautiful from the outerside as you can decorate it by applying the glitter, stickers, ribbons, laces etc.

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