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The Most Creative Ideas For Diy bookmarks

A book mark is a great gift for a book worm and to encourage a student for studies you can give him or her book mark. If you are willing to make the book mark with your own hands then there are several things you will find in your home to make the book marks.

This is not a very hard task and it will also please the receiver more. If you are a sister then you can make a book mark for your younger brother or a friend can give this gift to his or her friend. This thing is very nice to do and the best way to increase the love for reading of a person.

This will show the other person that you are praising his or her effort for reading. So must make a book mark with your own hands and ideas of different book marks that you can make easily are given here:

Book mark in ice-cream shape:

This style and design of book mark is very interesting and you can give this book mark to small kids. Take a hard card and paint it with different colors as shown in the picture. In order to give it the shape of ice-cream you must give the book mark round shape from above and elongated form from the sides.

Past a stick with this and you will see the form of ice-cream. You can write on it something about reading as in the book mark shown in the picture it is written that summer reading is good. This idea is great for summer and in the hot season you can give this as gift to students.

Book mark in rabbit shape:

This book mark is looking very lovely and it is an adorable gift for small girls. You can fold a paper and give it triangular shape. Then cut a paper in round shape to make he eyes. A grey and black paper must be cut in shorter form to complete the eyes.

Nose can be made with pink color paper or you can paint a white paper with pink color and after that make a square short card to make the teeth. Lastly make the ears cutting the paper in leaf form and paste it above the head. This envelope in books will look very nice and especially girls and small kids would love to have it. These small things do a lot to create the interest of children for studies.

A cup with tea bag as book mark:

This book mark is good to give the adult students or if you have elders in home who love to read. People love to have tea while reading so this book mark in the form of cup and tea bag will make a nice pair with the book. You can attach a fabric on a card and on the tip you can attach the brown fabric that is giving the illusion as the cup is full of tea. Now attach a thread with the cup that has one square shape bag and this book mark will look very pretty and worth to keep in books for marking.

A book mark made of crochet fabric:

You can make a flower of crochet fabric and you can make this book mark for you and one for your friend. Girls love to keep flower in book so this flower made of crochet will not die and in pink and green color the rose is looking lovely. A heart shape book mark in books can be made with red color crochet fabric and this book mark is also looking nice and lovely.




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