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Brilliant Handmade Present Packaging Ideas

Sometimes the even simplest packaging can turn out to even more luxurious then the more intricate ones. To make your simplest gifts presentable, here are some quick and clever ways and ideas for you; by following these you can make your simple gifts beautiful and inspirational so let’s start. First of all buy the boxes in which you like to pack your gifts, buy the size that fit your product and then decorate them with different things.

If there are small items that you are going to present your kids friends as return gifts then you must buy tiny boxes. Paint the all sides of the box including lid with white or some other color paint, paint the box with the names of receivers is a great idea and this thing will make your receiver happier.

After painting the boxes with alphabets or some other things, put your gifts in them and tie the boxes by using the satin ribbon making a butterfly. Your gift is ready to present someone, present it to your friend and make him feel happier by seeing her name on it and surprise him by the creativity of your mind.

If your friend has hobby of gardening then to make him/her feel happy, wrap her gift like this. Finely wrap your gift with craft paper, take a thin satin ribbon match to the color of paper and wrap it overall the gift by making horizontal lines, at the end stick it to the paper with a glue.

Take blue color string, tie it over your gift and make a bow tie in the centre then tuck some fresh flowers or a bit of fresh green leaves under the bow string and you gift is ready to present.

You can decorate your gift with stones, sequins, beads, buttons and many more things to make it look attractive. It will make a plain brown wrapping paper a whole lot prettier. If you want to present something to someone special or your beloved spouse then take a heart printed wrapping paper.

Wrap it to the gift box and wrap crisp white silk ribbon vertically and horizontally around your heart printed paper, finish with double color red and white string and add a tag to your gift with recipient’s name.

Wrap the gift with light color paper as grey, off-white, white etc, use some other contrasted color paper and cut the tiny hearts with it. Then paste the hearts somewhere over your gift with the help of glue stick or gum. If you want to make your gift more beautiful then embedded each heart with tiny stone, pearl or sequins and you can also sprinkle glitters on the heart to make them shiny.

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