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Awesome Ideas To Decorate The Wall With Polka Dots

The prominent figure in decorating a home is wall decoration and the trend of wall decoration is increasing day by day. People decorate the walls of different places of their home like bedroom, living room, drawing room, kids’ room, dining room, and TV lounge. They decorate the walls in different ways, some people like glittery paint, some like to decorate the wall with family photos, fresh flowers and other things. Today the trend of decoration of that wall where LED is fitted is increasing and most people decorate it with different kinds of things, some decorate the remaining area with led lights, vine of artificial flowers etc.

If you are looking for something new ideas to décor your wall then don’t be worry because we are giving you some useful and new ideas and by following these you can decorate the wall of your bedroom, living room, kids room. The decoration of wall with polka dots is a creative and unique idea and you can do this with different colors of paints and you can make these dots with chart paper and hard sheet.
If you want to décor the wall of your study room, then match your polka dots with a showpiece kept in your study room near the wall as you can see the picture, A love logo made by metal in golden color is kept on the side of books and the wall is decorated by golden color polka dots made in glittery sheet looking nice.

Paint the wall of your drawing room in light color and then make polka dots with paint in any color do you like. These dots can be matched with your sofas, decoration pieces and you can also match them with your lamp color placed in the corner of the room. If the paint of your bedroom walls is light color and you want some bright color then this is a great idea to change the wall. Select the wall which you want to change, if you like to change the color of back wall and give it some new stylish then affix a wall paper sheet in any bright color as red and then cut it out in the patterns of polka dots. Wall will be look awesome and also look totally different from other three walls.

Decor the walls of your kid’s room and make him/her happy. Usually children like zoo animals the most, so try to use the animal printed sheets. Take a chart paper or hard sheet with zebra lines and cut it out in large size polka dots. Stick these patterns on the wall with glue and to make the wall more beautiful use some other color chart paper, pink for girl and blue for boy.

To decorate the front wall of your bedroom you can use polka dots and you can make these dots by looking mirrors. Use different sizes round mirrors with black frame and place them in the wall at a short distance. The result is a subtle yet stunning wall arrangement. You can use frameless mirrors too for this purpose.

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