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Awesome Diy Gift Ideas

Handmade gifts are extra special and awesome. They are great for gift givers on a budget and show his/her love to the gift recipient and feel him/her importance and love in giver’s life. Handmade gifts are prepared with great love and attention for those people who are valuable and special. You can diy so many things at home with recycled materials and give these things a new shape and design with little effort. Here are some diy ideas to make special gifts for special people so pin these and make your someone special feel happy.

If you want to give a special gift to your mother on mother’s day then this is the beast idea to make your mother feel happy and proud. Take a card board and cut it out in round shape and also cut it in the center. Then hang your family pictures around it with clippers and place the photo of your mother and you in the center and hang this unique photo frame on the wall of your mother’s room and give her a surprise. She will definitely happy to see your handmade gift. In this way you can give the same gift to your father.

If you are a mother and want to your son/daughter make happy. Then follow this idea and make a photo frame and decorate it with the childhood photos of your son/daughter. Take hard cage net made in iron and steel and some wooden pieces to make borderline. You can paint the cage net with the favorite color of your child and also paint the frame. Cut the net in square or round shape which do you like and then make a boundary with wooden pieces and then put the pictures in it by clippers and you can also decorate the remaining part of net with other things like tiny shimmery balls, ribbons and so on.

Take some bottle caps and make so many things with them like you can made earrings, necklace and many other things with recycled bottle caps. You can use your wasted diskette plates too and this is a very nice and unique idea. Take some cds and tie them in any shape do you like. You can make a bowl for decoration and decorate it with led light. After tying the cds take different colors tiny led lights and put them out from the holes of the cds to make your decoration piece more beautiful. Your recipient will surely happy to take this unique gift, this gift can be used as a lamp too by putting it on the side tables of the bed.

Wasted buttons can also used in making different things like bowl; ashtray, lampshade, bin, basket etc. decorate the outside of your glass ashtray with so many colorful buttons and paste them with multipurpose glue let it dry and then wrap it into beautiful wrapping paper and surprise your recipient. If one of your friends and family members are always cold then help keep them warm by giving them easy to make colorful hand warmers and you can write the names of friend or family member on the warmer.

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