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Amazing Diy Ideas For Room Door Décor

Doorways can lead to enchantment and every room has at least one doorway. Update your door with the collection of fabulous door decorating ideas. You can decorate the door of your for Christmas party in these ways.  Cut the cork board in the size of the door then affix it on the door with multipurpose glue. Let it dry and spray paint in any color do you like and then decorate it with small balloon patterns and paste a white chart in the shape of mountains at the bottom of the door.

Take a green chart and cut it in the shape of Christmas trees and place a yellow star on the top of the tress and paste the tress on the white snowy mountains. Write the names of your invited friends in party on the balloons is very good idea.

Take a beautiful printed wrapping paper cover the top half part of the door with it by pasting it with glue and then cover the bottom half of the door with white chart and then take a pink chart and cut it in different sizes and affix the different cuttings on the white chart like bricks. Decorate the centre of bottom half part with black chart and paint it like a fire place and then take Santa Claus socks and pin them on the top of the fire place. Take a small tire and cover it with glitters and glittery balls and then affix it on the printed paper to make the door more beautiful. This decoration of the door will inspire your guests a lot.

Pinup led lights in white color in the shape of X-Mas tree on the surface of the door and you can decorate the inner part of tree with different tiny balls like glittery, shimmery, matt and crystal balls in different colors and use tiny mirrors in different shapes as round and diamond to make a flower. This is simple, nice and amazing idea to decorate the door with led lights.

Take a black color big chart paper according to the size of the door and then take green, red and yellow color chart papers and cut them out in the shape of apples and any shape of fruit which you like and write the names of your friends with glittery marker on the apples. And cut a big fruit basket and three big apples in each color and decorate the edges of all apples with a fancy lace. In the last take multipurpose glue and stick all the apples and basket with this on black chart, keep the basket in the bottom and three big apples on the top of the door and then make the boundary of chart with fancy lace. Your room door will look awesome and will leave a good impact on the viewers or your friends.

You can decorate your room door with your family photos and create an interesting way to display them. Instead of pictures or photos you can also use botanical prints to decorate the door. You can decorate the door with colorful polka dots, made by the colorful papers, felt or cardboard. You can mix and match them however you want and they look really chic and cute.

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