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Amaze Others With These Clever Diy Decoration Ideas

Decoration of the place whether it is your bedroom, drawing room, living room, kitchen, entry way, gallery wall etc counts a lot. People like to décor their homes in different ways and there are some creative people who love to make decoration with their own hands.

Making things with hands is an amazing art and everyone cannot do this easily. If you are interested to décor your home with handmade things stay with us. Here we have some of the diy projects; you can try for yourself at home.

Pompom wall hanging:

Blank wall is a canvas that can be décor with so many things as wall art, paintings, family photographs etc. When comes to diy décor you can go with this wall hanging idea shown in the picture. This is absolutely budget-friendly idea and you don’t need to buy any expensive item for diy wall hanging.

You can make it by using the colorful pompoms, attach different colors pompoms and thread tassels with a string. Hang you diy pompom wall hanging onto a blank wall to make it look more beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Guitar, musical instrument wall décor:

If you are a music lover then you can show your love for music with this wall décor idea. For this purpose you don’t need to buy a new guitar but you can use your wasted musical instrument. Split the guitar into two pieces and attach it onto the wall with the help of nails. You can décor it with different things as you can keep tiny planters along with led lights to make people drop their jaws with your creativity of mind.

Shopping bags decoration:

It is a very clever idea to use shopping bags for decoration; this idea will work great to inspire others. Everyone has shopping bags and mostly people throw them and now you don’t need to throw them in dustbin. You can use them in decoration. Get the idea from this picture, attach your small size card shopping bags with wall and you can keep your essential items in these bags.


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