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DIY Wrap A Gift In A Unique & Incredible Way

Exchange of gift increases the mutual love so all must exchange the gifts to increase love. After the selection of the best gift the thought becomes to mind is wrapping or packaging of gift.

Though gift wrapping is not a big deal but sometimes it becomes a daunting task because everyone wants to present the gift in a unique way. Stay with us because here we are going to share with you some useful ideas about gift wrapping.

You can wrap your gift finely by using some homemade things or the things easily available at home. Though exchanging gift does not require a certain event it can be exchange without a certain reason. Yet always wrap the gift according to the event or occasion, it can make people mesmerize and happier also.

If you are a girl and going to attend your girlfriend’s wedding ceremony, wrap the gift like this. Take blush pink color wrapping paper, wrap the gift box with this and decorate the box with lace details match to the bridal attire,

add a fabricated white rose flower and golden net like the bridal veil and tie all these things with silk satin blush pink color ribbon. Present this nice gift to your friend with a sweet smile and hug and she will definitely be surprised to see the gift match to her wedding dress.

If there is no gift box, take a paper bag, put your gift in it and decorate the bag. Decorating the paper bag is a unique idea, for a kid girl birthday party, take a brown paper bag, some different girlish colors chart paper as baby pink color is specified to girls.

Cut them out in the shape of tiny balloons and a small size gift box, paste all them onto the paper bag in different directions. Tie all the balloons with a black string and then tie all the strings together with a beautiful ribbon.

Use blue color paper bag for a kid boy, decorate it with different colors and different designs of paper candles and use yellow color paper to make the flame of each candle and tag your candle paper bag with your well wishes Happy Birthday lettering.

To make the kids feel happier there are hundreds of ideas about gift wrapping. You can draw their favorite cartoon characters on gift boxes and gift boxes can be made like them also with little effort as you can see in these pictures.

To make a penguin gift box, wrap the box with all white paper, take black paper and cut it out making the wings and head of penguin, place it on the top of the box and by using this paper, make the tiny feet of lovely penguin, draw eyes with the help of a black marker.

Your penguin gift is ready to play with your kids, we are pretty sure that kids would feel happier to see this penguin gift.

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