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Vintage Inspired Handmade Cards

To make vintage style card you have to imitate the style of previous era. Mostly a woman with stylish and aristocratic hat becomes significance of vintage era. To make cards in vintage style would be very interesting thing to do and with the help of flowers and lace you can make ready a very nice-looking vintage style card.

On different occasions as for birthday occasion, on Christmas or for your siblings or friends you can make a vintage style card. It would be a very different thing to do and this will please the receiver of the card a lot. The vintage style is ever green style and with a little bit changes we can have the fashion of vintage style in different places or occasions.

Such example can be seen in cards where cards in vintage style look awesome and beautiful. To make a beautiful and adorable card in vintage style some examples are here for you:

Vintage style card for friend:

This card is looking brilliant and gorgeous embellished with pearls, ribbon and lace. A large pearl in center with small pearls around it will make beautiful flower. First of all set a picture of vintage era in the center and then decor it with butterfly of golden color, ribbons and artificial flowers.

Beautiful white lace is also used to make the card look further beautiful. A small size card with large flower, small pearl and button is finishing the look of the card for a perfect vintage inspired card. The color chosen of the card of cream, color which is showing the past time that has been tried to show through the designing and the style.

A Christmas card in vintage style:

On Christmas occasion you can make this card in vintage style. The glimpse of a man is shown in the card and if you are good in drawing you can make a man wearing vintage style clothes. Then a rounded card in brown color is paste in the center and make pyramid tree of old style.

Write your wishes below making Santa clause belt with the help of block printed card and red color ribbon. You can give this card to your friends or relatives to wish them best and if you are making the card on your own this will impress others for your creative mind.

Card for sister in vintage style:

On a special occasion if you want to make card for your sister then opt for this style of the card and it will look magnificent. Cutting a square shape white color card you can paste a picture of two sisters of vintage era in the center.

Also add a white beautiful lace to make the card look beautiful. a black color flower with a pearl in the center and on below o the card just beneath the picture paint a crown and tie a button in its center.

Vintage style card in mirror style:

Mirrors are very symbolic of the vintage era and you can make a card in mirror style to give that the look of vintage style. On square shape card make oval shape mirror and embellish it with beautiful flowers in pink and red colors.

A butterfly is also shown on the card and it is truly looking vintage inspired card. This card is looking very sophisticated and awe-inspiring and you will feel very pleas after making it. a girl image shown through the mirror is looking wonderful and you can made this card for your sister or mother to thank her for her love.


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