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Unusual and Distinctive Design Handmade Cards for You

Somehow we find the occasions to come close to relations by doing little but valuable things, these things are remembered by the people and we always love to have more and more times. Greeting cards are one of them and this tradition is still alive in fact we believe it will shine hereafter too. Card giving is more noticing thing then receiving a gift by someone because the cards are kept in the ever lasting memories;

you take out the memorial cards in future and remember those lovely moments and also the words greeted by someone special. But here is another chill of getting crafty pallets on cards, yet the availability of readymade cards really entertain and save your time to heck but think for a while that would there really be a substitute than having a handmade card and all the time in making ready of this card? Nope! You can’t buy those lovely moments to spend a time for someone really special.

Here you will find the most auspicious style homemade cards that you have not seen ever because these designs are so rare to stun anyone who wants the unique pallets card. The designs are so classy that a new beginner can also work on this. These heart grasping cards are for various events and occasions for when you can greet your special relations like parents, friends, lover, sibling and many other who are dear and special to you. So do you want to have wonderful ideas of making these total different cards, if yes then have a look please.

Interesting love card idea for lovers:

1. Unique handmade cards new collection

For a lover this is really hard to live without and you must tell your lover the intensity of your love by making a card in which the map hearts are telling that ‘I would be lost… without YOU’. The work you have to do is to take a map and the two hearts cut from hard paper, wrap up the map upon these hearts and paste it to card. Write the standard phrase to tell your lover about the importance he or she carries.

Happy birthday card:

2. Unique handmade cards new collection

Birthday is the most renowned occasion on which everyone likes to wish through cards and this card is so unique in its nature using the multi pattern colorful balls or circles upon card that is highlighting your happiness on the special day of your near one. Wish a very Happy Birthday to the person to whom you are going to give this card. Keep the card plain and paste these printed balls to white cards that will look so beautiful.

Thanks amazing but simple card design:

3. Unique handmade cards new collection

Many times you feel gratitude having a favor by someone very close to you, it is said that no thanks in a relationship but I believe tanking to our relations really worth the feelings and keep relation save for a long time. So make a thanks card for anyone by taking just a simple plain white card, write the digit 1 and then tuck six different color small buttons in a way it makes the one million. Write Thanks in a million that will be so unique idea.

Miss you craft card:

4. Unique handmade cards new collection

Human beings are connected not by technology and communication but with hearts that make the bond of love strong, that is why when our loved one is away of us we really miss and feel incomplete. You can show your feelings by sending him Miss You card, just make the card with same style I have given in the image.

Cup filled with flowers card:

5. Unique handmade cards new collection

This handmade card project is so lovely to have the nature beauty in the card. Cut the card first in the shape of a cup and attach the flowers of different colors made from hard papers. These cards are good to give your family members right when the spring is in its swing. Cut different flowers like rose, lilies, tulips and sunflowers to give different flower cards to everyone.

I Love you card:

6. Unique handmade cards new collection

Well the stripped card is so much beautiful with the latest pallets as the stripes on dresses is trendy these days so you can also pick up this trendy pattern to card. Try to find the readymade simple stripped card but if you don’t find then make it at home by taking two color Washi tapes and paste them one after other. Tuck the red tiny heart to enhance the interest level and write I Love you to show your precious feelings.

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