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Trendy and Pretty Design Handmade Cards 2106

Handmade cards are no doubt a source of joy not only for receiver but for giver too. The up growing trend of handmade cards have become the more spotted one that set up a line for people who want to be in their budget and make their loved ones happy by showing intimate sentiments through cards. The world picked up the way of greeting through social media but this really fuck off the natural ways to wish the best of your greetings.

To turn the head and scene of this trauma, we all are thankful that handmade card option is here to rejoice the taste and budget. In the less budget you create your own designed card and send it to the targeted person who gets happy with this effort and surely your good wishes.
We are in so love with the handmade cards that have the touch of sweetness and the trendy too that can delight the bad mood of anyone.

It means you can transform a scene into pleasant one just presenting a handmade card. Well handmade cards are given at different occasions like birthday, marriage ceremony, anniversary or many others even you can greet every important moment of the next person in the most wonderful manners. Make your card and write the right words that soothe the mind and heart of receiver, it’s your victory when he/she will smile ethereally.

We wanna disclose our collection of cards here that is much more for the people who are searching the handmade crafty cards so be creative in your choice and pick up the one idea that you like the most from our collection.

Love tree handmade card:

1. Trendy Handmade Cards

This handmade card is beautifully designed with love hearts in multi colors grown over the tree. You can make different color hearts and put on the tree branches draw with brown color marker. Greet the love moments or any occasion according to your need.

Amazing Miss you card:

2. Trendy Handmade Cards

Make a heart that completes with puzzles; pick up the one puzzle from heart to give the impressions as your loved one completes you. Paste that puzzle piece on the one side of card and write ‘Missing You’ which will really be a cute card ever.

Pretty card idea for kids:

3. Trendy Handmade Cards

Kids really like the cute things like cats so you can make a card with cute little cats faces and a star upon it. Greet your kids the happy times with happiness. You can present this card to anyone to make him understand the worth of joy.

Button embellished card:

4. Trendy Handmade Cards

Handmade cards are beneficial in a way that you can embellish the things that are easily accessible at home. Take the buttons and set them on handmade HELLO card. You also need the ribbons to style the simple white card.

Sweet thanks card design:

5. Trendy Handmade Cards

Tell you close one that you are so sweet and thanks him to stay in your life. Just paste the watermelon piece upon white card and give the sweet impressions to receiver of card.

Jar filled with sequins card:

6. Trendy Handmade Cards

Life is beautiful and shiny like the multi color sequins and fills these twinkling joys to the jar of your life for always being a happy person. You can make this sequined jar to plain or the patterned card.

Birthday handmade card:

7. Trendy Handmade Cards

The ivory card has just the beauty of flowers tuck on it, this card is gorgeous to give for spring season birthdays. So be inspired by the season and bring the seasonal effects on birthday card to rejoice its look.

Mother’s day card idea:

8. Trendy Handmade Cards

Mother Day is surely the best day in your life; make your mother happy by giving her the handmade crd by your own. Take the different colors stripes or streamers and paste them horizontally. It will look like a fully designed handmade card.

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