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Summer Camp Handmade Cards Ideas for kids

The most appropriate way to express your  feelings is the card giving tradition that has still more power yet the information technology has made the worth of old means down but the card giving tradition has the same importance as in old times. With appearing different trends, the trend of making handmade card is also serving the need of even general people who can’t go with expensive cards that’s why it’s easy to craft a card at home that will make the receiver first stunned and then happy with your cute effort.
Well getting towards our title of post, we have to showcase the handmade cards for summer camp. I have picked up different style crafty cards for kids that you may present them before they rush out the summer camp. I always try to give my readers the simple ideas that are not costly and easy to craft at home.
Summer camp is the time when kids learn, play and do a lot of activities that are helpful in their mind and physically growth so just to make the importance of summer camp clear for kids, we are going to unbind the cards collection that anyone can give to kids. Let’s move towards the cards collection and get ideas that how you can craft these cards simply by yourself.

Bunch of cards with activities significance:

1. Handmade cards for summer camp

This idea is great by having bunch of handmade cards and draws the activities that kids will do during summer camp such as cycling, swimming, studying, playing, sports and many other which will delight them gorgeously. After making these cards you can beautify a card box to put all the cards in and present to receiver who will be very happy receiving such work of art cards.

Cupcake paper craft card:

2. Handmade cards for summer camp

Make a smile face sun having cupcake paper on card and draw the smile and eyes upon it. To clarify the rays or shine of sun, take yellow tiny buttons and attach them in circle around the cupcake paper which you have pasted on card. If there is no space outside then write happy summer camp inside the card and give it to your niece or any kid you love.

Summer camp card design:

3. Handmade cards for summer camp

Make a card that is just according to the summer time that kids will spend there, a fine wood chair, fire, sun and trees will depict the perfect place where kids have to go for summer camp. You can cut all these items and paste on plain card to just define the summer camp atmosphere beautifully.

Butterfly summer camp card:

4. Handmade cards for summer camp

Cut multicolor butterflies from colorful cards and paste them just like way they are in flying mode. Try to take dark color card on which these butterflies may get prominent. Write congratulations to greet the camper who is just going to attend summer camp.

Just keep calm card:

5. Handmade cards for summer camp

Well the keep calm profile pictures have become very famous on social media and now the keep calm cards are also in trend that is why I have taken this idea. Yet the card is not handmade but you can transform the style into crafty pattern by writing your own and making a crown with marker.

Flower handmade card idea:

6. Handmade cards for summer camp

When you wanna have nature on card but sweet effects then make flowers on card, because this card is for kids that’s why you must consider the pretty impressions. Take crepe paper and cut the flowers in different shapes, paste them on card and greet your kid a great time in summer camp.

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