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Stunning Carved Cards Collection for Different Events

Embossed DIY Cards Ideas for your Loved Ones:

Embossed cards! Embossed cards! Do you know the actual meaning of emboss? Its literal meaning is carved or mold. Well, embossed cards are those which are made in such a way that the design looks engraved. For example, if you made a simple card, now you cut a star or butterfly from another paper & paste these objects on the surface of the card, now this card will be known as embossed card. Different embossing machines are also available into market for making embossed cards but I think it will become quite expensive for you. So, you should focus only on those handmade ideas that are less expensive such as the embossed design can be created by using different objects such as different colorful papers, ribbons, buttons, laces, stickers & so on.

If we compare embossed I mean engraved cards with simple cards then I think the former one is best idea because these cards looks a little bit interesting & endeavor than simple ones. Whether you want to wish a happy birthday to your mother or friends or you want to wish your husband “a happy anniversary” or you are planning a “get well soon” party for your grandmother, in each & every case I think a card is necessary with a bouquet of flower. If you will make a card with your own hands then of course I will give you inner satisfaction to you. Furthermore, this DIY card will enough for the other person to feel special for some moments. So, I suggest you to make embossed cards with your hands for your loved ones & show you feeling of love for them on important events. Here are some very easy & chic card making ideas are waiting for you. Take a look & try at home!

Ribbon Bow Card Ideas:

1 bow embossed DIY card idea

When you visit a stationary shop then you can find different embossing folders for creating engraved patterns on cards with embossing machine but as I told you that it is very expensive. So, I suggest you to buy a card paper from the shop that is already available in embossed design. For further decoration you can use different objects such as buttons, laces, and papers cut pieces & so on (as I told you into the above paragraph). Here into the above picture you can view two different white color embossed pattern cards that are further decorated with stylish ribbon bows for wishing a birthday.

Heart & Lace Used in Embossed Card Making:

2 easy heart design embossed card

Try to decorate a card with heart or lace as shown into the picture! Perfect idea for showing your endless love for your parents, kids, wife or friends! Heart is always a symbol of deep love. So, use this symbol for expressing your emotions.

Flower Design Embossed Card:

3 flower embossed handmade card
Flowers are always a sign of happiness, satisfaction & of course pleasure. So, for the decoration of handmade cards you can take inspiration from different flowers such as sunflower (yellow), lily (white), rose (red), daisy (pink) & so on. Cut the flower design on paper, fill right colors & paste on cards. Keep in mind that red is for passion, yellow is for joy & friendship, pink is for soft feeling, orange is for warmth, green is for refeshness, blue is for healing & truth, brown is for stability & so on. So, choose right color flower for the right person!

Butterfly Design Handmade Card Idea:

4 butterfly embossed card idea

Butterflies, of course, a symbol of joy, happiness, destiny & change! Try this design on the card when you want to wish a good luck, happy birthday, happy journey, welcome etc. you can simple draw a butterfly on a paper, cut it with scissor & paste on embossed card. You can further decorate the butterfly with beads or shimmer.

Snowflake White Snow Inspired Card Design:

5 snowflake embossed card idea

This card is perfect for wishing happy Christmas or sometime people use it for welcoming winter weather, the weather of snow fall. So, if you are invited on winter parties then try to take a handmade snowflake design card with you so that you can give it to your host with a bouquet of flower.

Love DIY Card Idea for Couples:

6 love embossed very preety handmade cards new collection

Couples, don’t worry, this love tag embossed card is only for you. Wish your boyfriend or girlfriend a happy valentine’s day or happy birthday as well as a happy anniversary to your wife or husband by using this love handmade card idea! Hopefully, you love these all ideas! Do you?


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