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Step by Step Handmade Card Ideas for Boyfriend

What a beautiful world we would have around if there would end of hatred and prejudices and prevailing environment where only love grows up with warm and blessed feelings. Well we have been blessed with respectable relations of parents, siblings and of course the loving partner. There is need to express or show your feelings with some gifts as this the best way to increase love between any relation. Wishing cards is the old and antique tradition of the human to make the other feel special by writing or designing card with love and enthusiasm. Girls manifest your love to your boyfriend with simple and loving handmade card that you can make by yourself and bestow him with euphoria and warm elevate feelings. I am going to narrate the step by step handmade card ideas especially to grant your boyfriend with.

1. Colorful handmade heart card for boyfriend

colour full handmade cards for boyfriend step by step 1

Take colorful crepe papers and cut them out right seen in the picture. Paste them together one down other and after pasting upon the heart card cut the enlarge paper material according to the heart shape. Patch this heart on any color card to make for your boyfriend.

2. Ink color heart card idea

different colour heart shape handmade cards for boyfriend step by step 2

Cut out the heart of paper and take it out to have heart shape paper. Place it on white card you want to make on. Ink it up with small heart stamp like tool and fill this heart with small hearts pasting. Peel the extra paper upon card here you have lovely heart designing on boyfriend card.

3.  Heart and arrow design card for boyfriend heart and arrow design handmade cards for boyfriend step by step 3

Make this card by using heart, arrow, colorful ribbon thread and small pieces of paper to write for boyfriend and follow the steps accord to the picture to have this beautiful card.

4. Step by step file type card idea

red and white file type handmade cards for boyfriend step by step (4)

Buy any designed cards in red and white color and punch them out with punching machine. Take wire rings to enter in the holes to make them bind. And you can write any loving thing on every card separately.

5. Colorful heart cards for boyfriend

red heart shape handmade cards for boyfriend step by step 5

Make many hearts to paste on one card according to the picture and write beautiful things of your boyfriend.

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