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Simple & Easy Handmade Cards with Steps for kids

Stunning handmade cards with steps for children
Hand crafted art is great impressive way to create many DIY items but its first step is to make handmade cards so, today, I am bringing for innocent but sharp talented mind children handmade card making ideas those are simple unproblematic. Kids can easily follow these ideas to design handmade cards, may be first attempt not show excellent result but time to time you will expert in handmade things and your interest would be more motivate in DIY creations.
Parents should to provide children arty equipments and attract the child attention towards handmade things and also help them to achieve any project then this will be encouragement for kids and a chance to do something new. Here, I collected merely three simple handmade cards for your first attempt those I describes here with fully steps. Take a look!

1 Lovely stripped pattern oval handmade card with steps

handmade cards for kids (1)
Firstly, collect required items those are listed here.
    Red chart paper
    Sketch of oval shape
    Colorful stripes stickers
    Led pencil
    Paper cutter pen
    Gum stick
Take shorter red paper and draw huge oval sketch by the help of led pencil and draft. Now cut its oval outlined in oval shape. Hold bigger red paper and fold it, now paste one by one multihued sticking stripes. Now oval shape cut paper paste over it. You simple but gorgeous handmade card is ready, you can write your wishes inner side.

2 Simple adorable hand coloring paper card

handmade cards for kids (2)
This is terrific most special card for kids. To create this you need merely whiter chart paper, scissor & yellow & blue pencil colors.
Take long cut paper in rectangular shape and fold it in double form. Cut ending border of front paper and adorn with blue pencil color while short cutting page with yellow. Now, blue page cut from hem & again fasten with its exact place.

3 Handmade cards decoration ideas

handmade cards for kids
Here, you will find superb stunning ideas to décor handmade cards by catchy flowers & hearts. Create a handmade in back extended style or rectangular form by using diverse colors and deck with pointed or rounded edges flowers or  & handmade paper cut hearts in these beautiful styles those you are seeing in this above image.

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