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Simple and Crafty Ideas to Make the Beautiful Handmade Cards

We the human are always in search of little happiness that make our life easy and more pleasurable. The seeking of pleasure meets when we take care of our loved ones and get the opportunities to give presents and wish the events that mean for them a lot. The one common and unique way to wish is the card giving tradition that is surely not new but this is an ancient custom that was always loved in every age and still at this time we find it lovely. No matter the other inventions or ways of communication has increased but this activity is really beautiful to make a person blushed with your grandeur feelings. Who doesn’t impress by getting a card that is the true prove of hard work with some creativity spruced in it, I mean if you present a handmade beauty of different wishing card it would be impeccable thing for the next person. For the new comers I am going to allocate some simple designs for handmade card ideas that will further groom your sense of art and definitely the ideas for upcoming events like birthday, Holi, Christmas, Wedding anniversary and valentine’s day.
The crafty cards are no doubt beautiful but it also provides the opportunities of bearing less expenses, it means these are cheap too and sometimes you find the things at your home easily and don’t need anything else to shop for. Well to get some ideas lets come to have some sneaks peaks of making the beautiful but simple handmade cards for anyone you love the most.

Pink handmade card idea for birthday:

1. pink handmade card design

Birthday is the yearly event that is obviously special for every person, and if your friend is going to hold her sweet 18 party then you should go with this idea that is easy. Just embellish the every corner of card with rhinestone and ribbon the card horizontally which may be in zig zag design. Put the square fur stuff on card and paste the shimmery designed gown that you can take from the wedding invitation card. Opt for two small sparkly butterflies which is easy available in market and write happy birthday with glitters.

Creative Valentine’s Day card:

2. valentines day card idea

This card making card idea has blown away mind and you may make this easily at home. Take plain card and draw the heart shape then take the red thread and reshape the heart with needle by just sewing it properly. Write Happy Valentine day and give it to your lover to make him stun or impress with this stunning idea.

Beautiful card designs:

3+ craft design for handmade card

These two ideas have same detailing with using different styles. Hang the message icon on thread connected with card or take the thin streamer and paste it in the same way like thread is knotted. Take different pattern paper ribbons and have this on card. For wishing someone anniversary or sending a beautiful note you may opt for this simple technique handmade card idea.

Button flowers on card:

4. handmade card with buttons

This is the fit best wishes card to give your brother, sister or friend, for making this design card you just need different color buttons for tucking on the card. Start with drawing the leaves and stem of flower with green color marker and paste the buttons one by one on the top to give the best look and creative flowers. At the start of spring you may wish great spring with this inspiring idea.

Crepe paper design handmade card:

5. beautiful handmade card idea

Take 3-4 color crape papers and cut them in long pieces, make the fringes cutting with scissors. Put the all fringe papers on card and sew it correctly on the one side of card. Wish happy birthday with writing in large size font on card. This idea is most simple and easy that everyone can do easily.

Handmade Christmas card idea:

6. christmas rustic card

Christmas is the energetic event that is celebrated all around the world with zeal so don’t forget to wish the Christmas greetings by presenting the fantastic card that has been embellished with jute or burlap and ribbon the Marry Christmas portion of card beautifully.

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