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Pizza Shape Handmade Invites For Pizza Party

Pizza party is one of the best kinds of parties for kids as all of us know that kids are pizza lovers so they love to participate or throw a pizza party with their kids friends.

If you are throwing a pizza party at your home with your friends then here is a very good idea to inspire your kids’ guest the most. The first and very important thing in any kind of party is invites or invitation cards so why not make your invites for pizza party in the shape of pizza, sliced or full pizza.

It is a very unique idea and surely make your receivers astonish and surprise by seen the unique and beautiful pizza card.

If you want to make a full round pizza card then you will need, a round shape card board in brown color, a light color chart paper for dough, some red, green and black papers to garnish your pizza.

Cutout your dough color paper in round shape and garnish it with black paper rings as black olives, green pieces as capsicum and red round pieces as tomatoes. Paste all these things on a brown cardboard and write your wishes on the backside of the cardboard, your pizza invite is ready to present your guest.

Pizza invites can also made in the shape of sliced pizza in triangular shape. It is easy to make, just take a yellow color chart paper, fold it in two layers, dram a triangular pattern with your led pencil and then cut it out with a cutter or scissor.

Now it is the time to garnish your pizza slice, take your water colors and paint the top side of the card with brown color in zigzag or mountain style, then paint the all lower part with light color as the dough color and then make olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums with different colors.

Let your card air dry and after drying the card, write your greetings with a beautiful glittery pen in the inner side of the card.
This one is looking so beautiful because it is designed with box too and you can make these easily at home with little effort. Make cardboard in brown or white color as you like and start making tiny boxes according to the size of cards.

Take another pizza dough color card board or chart paper, red, green, skin and white color charts too. Make a round shape with light color paper as dough, cutout red paper with irregular or mountain edges like tomato ketchup or pizza sauce is spread over the pizza, black paper rings, skin color mushroom cutting, green color capsicum slice and cream color slice as cheese and stick all these things on round dough, your pizza card is absolutely ready, write your greetings at the backside of pizza.

Pack it in pizza box and send it to your friend, your friends will definitely be surprise and happy by receive this unique pizza card with box.

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