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Lovely and Expressive Handmade Card ideas for Grandparents

On the eve of this year everybody desires to wish the other person a blissful new year. We would definitely desire to wish our relatives a very happy and cheerful. Our relatives also deserve best wishes from us and the best way to wish is through cards that look very lovely. You should give some time to your relatives and try to make cards on your own. For your grandparents this would be a very pleasant activity and they will feel pleased after receiving cards from you.

You can show your talent through these cards how much creative you are in making cards and also you can show love and respect for them by giving time of making cards for them.  Different occasion came in life and you can make your grandparents feel happy and special preparing cards for them. Your gesture will show them their worth in your eyes. On this year try to make cards in home for your parents and definitely you need to have multiple ideas in your mind that are given below;

Card designed with deep thoughts;

You are going to make a card for your grandparents so it must possess your love, devotion, and respect for them. In the cards you can show the value of your grandparents in your eyes. Look at this card in which hands are shown. Making two hands one of your grandfather and the other of your grandmother. These hands will stand for their whole body. You can paste cards that are in heart shape and write on the card your wishes and love for them. Short stripes can be attached on the card beautifully and on those stripes you can write your sentiments for them.

Lovely card to wish grandparents;

A very lovely way of making cards is making small size hearts somewhat of the length on which you can paste their pictures. You can cut three equal size chart paper in the shape of heart and can attach them. To decorate these cards with the help of crape paper you can make heart shape designs and can paste them on the cards to make them look lovelier. The more you give time to make nice-looking card the more you will have good result.

Wish your grandparents in childish way;

A very adorable way that can make your parents look smile as soon as they look at the cards is given here. Make a chart paper in card like shape and give it outlines with other charts that are of different colors. Make a heart of red color with the help of chart paper and paste it on the front of the card. Polka dots on the card are looking very excellent. With a brown hard chart paper you can make round shape cards to make the faces of an old man and woman. Make faces with a dark marker and show that your grandparents live in your heart through this designing.

Card in vase shape;

Try to make this card and it is not very difficult to make. Cut a card of yellow color in the shape of a vase and make flowers on one side while on the other side write your wishes. If it is a grand parent’s day then write on the other side your wishes for the day. Floral decoration is not very difficult to make. With the help of pencil draw flower designing on the card and then cut it in the shape of flowers. This way of making a small bouquet that is wrapped with a ribbon is very innocent and lovely.

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