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Ideas for new Handmade Cards

How to make cards for our special one

0.   Ideas for new handmade cards

There are so many things are   available which are used  for the   gift  the people  give gift in so many ways but in this modern world when everything is developing day by day the trend of greeting birthday ,eid,chartimas and Easter and all the events wishing system is finished and the era of social  media  accounts people wish the other  in the public and  make the  other feel special in the  gathering   but it is not an enough thing  to  wish anyone   rather it is compulsory to  present something and when we talk about the present then the handmade cards are good choice to give someone because handmade cards  are  something time consuming   but it can give the others so much  happiness   and you can  give this card at any time  we have some handmade card for you which are very easy  to make   at home   with some things which are available at home   in a few time so  come with us and see the   cards which are for everyone .
0+   Ideas for new handmade cards

1.    Take a chart paper and  take a  spare  card     and cut it in the oval shape and ion the side of that oval make different design  and  paste the  foamy sheet flower on that oval  with ribbon and the flower stem with the  green foamy sheet  it is good for giving your friend because mostly girls like the pink color.
1.   Ideas for new handmade cards

2.    Take two color crepe paper green and red combos will be best because both are bright color and attach in such a way that only the side of the red color can seems  with the sandwich  and the pastries  on the rope and paste this rope on the  card  and write some greeting  on this card  and if you have not different color paper then you can paint it with the  water color  and you can give it to  your nephew and nice.
2.   Ideas for new handmade cards

3.    Make a window with the hard chart paper and make some flowers with the foamy sheet and the   crepe paper and paste it on the window it looks like a vine of flowers which are hanging on the window and write a good message for your mother because it has very soft color like the nature of the mother so if you give it to your mother then it is great choice.
3.   Ideas for new handmade cards

4.    Take a hard chart paper and make the different design you cut it in the shape of heart, square, circle which do you like and put the button  and  make a  bow on the card  and give it to your boyfriend   because it is very decent  card and suit with your boyfriend choice  and  write a   heart touching quotation on it and its ready for  giving if your boy friend s upset or his mood is off then you can give him and feel him  happy.
4.   Ideas for new handmade cards

5.    Red color is   symbolized with the bride you can make the card  in the shape of calendar  white color  hard chart paper with  the  use of red hard paper and cut in  the stylish way  and make the flowers with the foamy sheet and  paste it in the center of the card  with the  many  flower stack  and the leaves branches and give it to your  friend on her wedding and you can give to your cousin   on her   day of engagement  because  red color symbolizes the love and purity.
5.   Ideas for new handmade cards

6.    Your baby’s birthday is near and you want to wish him in a creative way then make animal inspired card for him  and the  water animal are good and easy to make  turtle ,fishes frogs and the other water animal  which give  your card  a cool look  and  these animal pictures bring a cute smile  on the face of your child.  You can make the fish aquarium on the card with colorful fish because fish are so colorful and look so attractive.
6.   Ideas for new handmade cards

7.    On the day of anniversary of your father and mother or any one which is your relative you can make a handmade card which is full of glitter and the shine take a black color hard chart and cut it in the shape of oval and make flowers with the glitter foamy sheet and paste it on the card    in a cluster way and write greeting of happy anniversary on the card and it is ready for your special one whose anniversary is near.
7.   Ideas for new handmade cards

8.     Take a black color chart paper and  take the different color foamy sheet and  write  happy birthday  to you  on the sheets and cut it  then paste it on the cards  with the glue and wishing your girlfriend  with this card you can give it to your  sister because it is very shiny and looking so much attractive and fancy .
8.   Ideas for new handmade cards


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