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Ideas to Make Handmade Cards to Express Your Love

0. express your love with handmade cards

Love is such a feeling which is   very powerful and  dominant   and  it is very difficult to express your love for someone because  all the [people have not much confident to  express their emotions  in front of  everyone  but without expressing your love  the other can’t  understand the depth of your love   because  with some tools and instruments you can  show your love and  this tools  are the  these gifts which you want to give  the others   and  the word love is not related with the  love of a girl or a boy rather it can be  with anyone whether   he or she is your friend, your  parents ,your baby  and    the  people who are linked with  you .

the  gift is the best way to increase your love with others because when you give the  gift   to your lover   then  he can tell your emotions  for  him /her   so here I have some ideas to make  the maker the cards  which is an art but with little  struggle you can be able to   get praises  from your lover  and when you will make the  card  with your  own hand it will give you value in the eyes  of other so stay with us and see   the different cards   which you can make  at your home.

Colorful heart   cards:

1. express your love with handmade cards

If you want to  give the card   to your friend  then on a simple  chart paper use the  coarse cover according to your choice  and  take colorful  hard charts  and cut it in the shape of heart   now time to paste it on the card  in the  queue with the strips  you can  mention your  name and express your love in the  form of   quotation  this card is very decent  and beautiful. The benefit of handmade  card is this that you can use any color   according to your  choice and you can give it to  your any  special person  in the spring season is best.

Card for friend:

2. express your love with handmade cards

When you want to show your love for your friend then make a pink color card for  her because mostly girls like the pink color  and this card is not make  on the ` friendship day or not on the day of birthday rather  it is  for the common day  when you  want to show your love to  your friend  then  take a hard chart and  make the design on the card with  glitter glue and  use the stones  and ribbons  to make it embellish  with the message of love

Card for your   male friend:

3. express your love with handmade cards

Now a days   the  education  system of the  developed    the students like to study   in co education   and  it is obviously when you  study in the same class then  a group is made  of friends on which boys  and girls are include and some  have much  affiliation  with the boys then  if your  male friend is in the class then you can also give him card  because he is your friend and  you also love your friend  then  take a pure white hard chart  and cut it in the shape of card  and use the doted  paper  with the ribbons and  the foamy sheet made heart  with the glitter  heart  so you can give him with  the love quotation.

Card for the lover:

4. express your love with handmade cards

If you are  personally attached with someone then you must have love feelings for this person and  you should express these   feelings with him  then   you should give him a card   mostly boys like the black ,grey and white color  but you should give him white card  because  it is so decent and  gorgeous   so on the simple white card   write  the love you statement  and you can  use the ribbons and the buttons to  make it fancy and enchanting.

Missing your lover:

5. express your love with handmade cards

If you love someone and he is  away from you   and you  are missing  him then you should  make a card for him with your hands it will increase your love emotions  and you will feel better  make a card  according to your choice and   design It with paint colors and the  poster colors  and write the name of you and your  lover and now a days the  emoji are  very popular among the people  so make the missing emoji  on the card with the paints and post it to your lover  it will really  liked by him  and  in the eyes of him  your  worth will increase .

Love on Christmas:

6. express your love with handmade cards

The person who love someone and   the Christmas is near then he should  express   his love on the Christmas  because  it is  the special day for you and him and it always  remember you in your whole life  then take a dark color card  and make the   Christmas tree with different shaded cards  and the beads because  it is so beautiful  you can make different flower  and the vines  of the tress   it look so attractive when you give someone  to express your love and if you express your love on the Christmas then on the Christmas your  love anniversary  is celebrated .

express your love with handmade cards (1) express your love with handmade cards express your love with handmade cards oexpress your love with handmade cards

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