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Ideas to Make Card on Your Own on This Diwali

Diwali festival is a big day of celebration in Hindu community. Hindu celebrates this day with full enthusiasm. On this day they invite other people to their home. As it is common to send wishes for a happy occasion through cards, in this festival the same tradition can be seen. People send cards to their friends and family members. Making a festival card with your own hand is a very doable activity and it sounds lovely because for making card you need to give your time and attention for someone and this activity will make someone feel special. To make a card you just need to have a small number of accessories and here are some ideas given for making card for Diwali;

Card symbolizing lightening over darkness;

People celebrate Diwali for celebrating lightening over darkness and good over evil. Sun is the best source of light on earth and it also give fertility and on Diwali the Pooja of Lakshami is done because Lakshami is regarded as it signifies fertility and enlightenment. To make this kind of card shown in the picture take a normal sized card and make a sun on it with the help of other colored chart papers. The card exuding lightening is best for Diwali occasion.

Make Diya on card;

What could be the loveliest thing in Diwali festival rather than a diyaa? To make a beautiful diyaa on card, look at this beautiful card and see how wittily it is made and see how graceful it is looking. On a card size chart paper first of all draw a diyaa on card size chart paper, now in rolled shape make chart papers of other shape and fill it into the first one. White color flowers with grace paper also look commendable with its great technique.

Crackers inspired cards;

Crackers are burn on this day and not only kids but elders also do this act. This act signifies that all evils will be gone away with the sound of the crackers. So you can made crackers on card and small kids can make this design on cards. Crackers on cards look very suitable and in both of the pictures crackers are shown. Children become very happy as soon as the burning of candle get started. To make this green and brown shimmery card have three stripes of green shimmery card and paste them at one corner of the card. With glittered pen you can make the remaining part of the cracker.

A very traditional card;

Here we have a very traditional card and this is for a special one. A number of things are made on this card which is closely connected to the festival. Diyaa, kalash, figure of Ganpatti made by cards and sign related to temple is shown in the card. Elders can give this card to their friend and relatives wishing them to have happy Diwali.

Card made in the name of Ganpatti bhagwan;

The card in which you show the figure of respectable figure will make the other person happy and your reputation lovely. Cut a card in which the lower part is less than the upper part and place the sculpture of Ganpatti g there. This will look very nice and you can embellish it with sequins. Write your wishes like happy Diwali on the upper side of the card.

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