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Ideas To Make Card In 3D Form

0. Easy to make 3D Card designs

Cards making is not a  tough work for you if you are  something  creative  and  fond of  painting and art  .the word  3D is used for such qualities which are found in one things  the  three demansial form of appearance is called 3D .in the making  of 2D  card there is no used too much   things and hard work but 3D  card is something tricky and the  difficult .

whether you want to make a  pop up card  ,flat card  or an embellished   card    require the  hard work  now you are thinking in which  way I should make the card  but it is very easy and you should  make it with your own hands  it give you and your special one  a pleasure and he always keep it saved in his whole life .usually you make  the different cards but  now you have to make 3D cards for your friends and family  make  the various thing for your whole  friends so stay with us and see the different  styles o 3D cards .

Breathtaking cards:

1. Easy to make 3D Card designs

On the  birthday of your close person you can make  the basket with the  with the tiny polka dotted  and  the bottom of the basket is made with the checked  shirt you can  keep the  painting strawberries with it  and the floral  pattern on the 3D card is giving your card a new  look  the  plants matching flowers are used   .the statements  of thanks giving  can  be written on the card.

Piano style cards:

2. Easy to make 3D Card designs

The hard chart paper  is used  by the card make in this card  with the  chart you can make the  lining piano  with the newspaper and the charts are used in the  card making  the balloons and the  chicks are looking so nice and beautiful  this card  is something tough to make but with the  little effort you can make it easily .

Card for the Christmas:

3. Easy to make 3D Card designs

If you want to give the card for your friend on the Christmas day then you can make the 3D card for him/her and make him surprised it is vintage Santa card you  take a hard card and make the picture of santaclouse   and color it  and on it you can use the ribbons  and the foamy  sheet is used   on the card  in the  form of flower and leaves.

Colorful soft card:

4. Easy to make 3D Card designs

Some people like the colors and these colors   are very good  for them if you use it in the  cards making for example if they like orange and pink color you can contrast it with  red , purple with parrot and  sky blue something like colorful look so nice .When we make card then you can use the glitter foamy sheet and the tissue  paper  empty roll for make the flowers of the card and you can give any one it is  3D card.

Love cards:

5. Easy to make 3D Card designs

The lovers and the beloved wants to give the cards to each other but when they make card with their own hands their feelings become more noticeable for the others. Take a simple hard card in white color and make the flower with paint in red color because red color is the symbol of love and on the valentine’s day which is a big day for lover we use the red color flower and teddy bear and much more you can make the heart and the love birds with the foamy sheet and the hard charts.

Card for spring season:

6. Easy to make 3D Card designs

Spring is the mostly favorite season of  the  everyone  they  enjoy it with their great antheuicism   in the spring season make the 3D card  it is very easy because in the spring many things are found in the nature which you can make on your card  and chart paper .take a black hard paper and  on the other color chart paper make a butterfly  and paste it on  the card with  stones  and the beads   the foamy glitter sheet will give a great look.

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