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Ideas To Make Adorable Cards For Kids

Kids also deserve the happiness of small things like cards giving tradition is not only for lovers but kids also find love when parents or elders make cards for them. On birthday party or on different festivals if you wish your child giving a card then this will inspire him/her a lot besides giving a lot of happiness.

With making cartoons or different characters you can make lovely cards for kids. Beside this here we will show such cards that are so easy to make that even kids can make them on their own. You can create interest in your child for making cards and give them to friends and cousins.

In schools card making competition can create love among kids for creative work and these activities will help children to learn art work with fun. Some of the interesting designs of cards for kids are here:

A card for your daughter:

You can make this card for your daughter if her birthday is drawing near. Bee imagery on flowers is looking very attractive. Sunflowers are all looking fabulous and amazing. Flowers and bee are smiling and their smile will bring a smile also on your daughter face. The card is looking very pretty and it seems that all flowers and bee is also wishing the birthday person.

Cup cake and balloons on card:

Make a cup cake and balloons on card and it is very easy to make. On a square shape normal card paste the other small card that is in the form of cup cake drawn on it with different colors. Balloons are also made with colorful chart or you can color white color chart paper and then bind dori with them and paste at the side of the card. This card will look adorable and lovely.

Funny character on card:

Make this funny character on card and your son will love to have this amazing looking card. You can make funny eyes with the help of chart papers cutting circle small size card in different sizes. Then mouth is also made with cutting chart paper in half moon style and then two square small size white papers are used to make the teeth. On aqua color card making of this character is looking very interesting and the colors are also making the card attractive.

Butterfly inspired card:

Draw the shape of butterfly on chart paper and cut it with the help f scissors. What is making this card different from others is the use of lollypop to make the face and mid portion of the butterfly. Make the eyes with the help of studs and also you can décor the card with small size hearts on both sides. This card is looking cute and nice-looking with its style and design.


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