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Ideas For Kids To Make Cute And Adorable Cards

Developing interest among kids for creative art work is the responsibility of parents and teachers. They can infuse interest in children to do art work with different techniques and methods. If you start doing this from the small age of children then with the passage of time they will be able to bring improvement in their work.

Making cards to wish others sounds very lovely and children can make cards for friends, relatives and cousins at different occasions. This activity will boost up their confidence and also they will feel please by making cards with hands and by giving them to others. Elders can guide children how they can make different cards and ideas for cards are given here:

A card with envelop full of bubbles:

To make this card what you need to do is just cut chart paper in the square form of card and paste a small envelop on the corner of it. You can show the imagery of coming bubbles out of the card by making small rounded circle shape bubbles with the help of glittered paper and other colorful papers.

This image of a lot of bubbles coming out from envelop will fill the heart of children with pleasure. On the birthday of cousin and friends children can make this card to wish them. Children will love to paste this card on the wall of their room and also it will look fabulous.

Make reindeer on cards:

You must always look for the interesting ways to make your children recognize different plants and animals. With these playful techniques you can make your children able to learn about animals and plants.

Whatever the names of the animal seem to be difficult for them can be learnt easily with making the images of them on card. On a Rectangular shape card of green color make the face of reindeer. With the help of brown chart paper draw the face of reindeer with pencil and then cut that.

Then with white chart paper draw the shape of small hands and after cutting them paste on the head on reindeer. Making horns with the shape of hands would be very interesting for children. By making this card they will never forget about this species of deer.

Thank you card with beautiful forest imagery:

This card is showing the whole imagery of forest. Paste an amazing looking lion in the center of square shape card. Children can draw this animal and can make it lively with the help of colors. Paste grass cutting green hard paper just below the lion.  A sun on above the card and clouds can be shown on card. Attach thank you label below the card and children can give this card to their seniors or teachers for their support and cooperation.

Card for mother’s day:

This card is for mother’s day and through this activity people can make children realize the love of mother. With these little things you will teach children how they can give happiness and pleasure to others with their little efforts.

To make this apple shape card draw the shape of apple on chart paper and cut it with scissors. Now you can make holes with the help of punch machine and then bind a dori passing through the holes. With green paper make a leaf o the card and with the help of brown chart paper make the stalk of apple.

This card will look very cute and in the center o a white paper write happy mother’s day and finish off your amazing card.



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