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Idea for How to Make Simple Handmade Cards with Easy Steps

Handmade cards:

Handmade cards are best expressions of love, emotions and cordial feeling. To celebrate different festivities and to wish jovialities to near and dear ones we often rely upon handmade cards. Handmade accessories are matchless to express the cordial feeling an innermost sentiments in most effective and inspiring way. Handmade are one of those accessories which can express your feeling in superb way, these cards are just like a mouthpiece to convey your love and innermost feeling.

Handmade card making is an exclusive art which can grab by littler practice. Through some little effort you can best designs and inspiring cards to express you love to someone special. These handmade are also reasonable; at low cast you can make admiring designed handmade cards. In this regard here we are sharing practical development of two simple handmade cards. These cards are magnificently excellent and easy. Conspicuous steps are conveying best designs of handmade cards. Let’s talk about practical development of these excellent handmade cards which are simply matchless I their classy elegance.

How to make balloon designed pop up card:

1 home easy card making idea step by step

Pop up cards are enormously inspiring and impressive and this picture is expressing classy elegance of pop up cards. This card has exciting expression of balloons; let’s take a view of its practical progression.

Things which are required

Different color chart papers
Glue stick

•    First of all take a folded piece of chart paper and from led pencil draw some rectangular line in its center.
•    Now cut these draw lines by making this shape which is shown in 3red picture.
•    From different chart papers, cur the exciting shapes of balloons.
•    To make the balloon stick, cut again from yellow chart paper and past all balloons with it
•    Paste balloons with two cut lines of the card as it is shown in picture.
•    Past a floppy chart paper designed strap in the center of both these billions. An excellently terrific handmade card will be in your command. It will excellent p[practical development and start of your artistic journey.

Simple idea to make multicolored handmade card:

2 home easy card making idea step by step

For those who are ready to make handmade card for the first time, another excellent card making idea is shared here for them.  This easy to make exclusive handmade card is greatly excellent in its expression while enormously easy in practical progression.  Let’s discuss practical steps of formation of these cards.

Required accessories

Chart papers
An oval shape
Led pencil
Colorful straps
Glue sick

•    Take a piece of cart paper and put an oval shape at it. From led pencil draw a this shape at chart paper.
•    From cutter, cut the shape of oval and make it separate from the chart paper piece.
•    Now take another piece of chart paper and make it fold.
•    From glue, attach the colorful straps with this card as it is shown in pictures.
•    Join both these cards with one another.
•    An exclusively awesome card will be in your hands.
•    This magnificent handmade card will enormously exciting and superb for you.

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