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Handmade Ladybug Style Card for Girls

How to make card   with ladybird style for girls

0. Handmade ladybug style card for girls

It is a good thing to exchange  the gifts one another because it  increases your love   to your dear ones and the gifts are not much valuable for the others because when we use it  the things will be  spoil but card is such a thing which a person can keep it save and when   he is missing you he can see your giving card it is a valuable thing that you make card with your hand  because in this materialistic age  few people  are such who can  spend their precious time on the card making of the special people  because this age is full of technology and many ways are created  to  wish the others and  say greetings but the way of card posting  is remain evergreen  and now a days cards are made in so many styles and  different things are used to make the cards  and homemade card look so nice and attractive than the  readymade card  and your own self  made card   make a  space in the  other heart who    receive your card   .in the previous years just  floral  and printed cards were trendy but now floral, printed, laces,beads,peartls,food inspired and animal inspired etc cards are  common  but here we talking about an insect which name is lady bug.
Ideas to make card with ladybug insects inspired:
It is a big confusion among the  people  that what is the real name of this insect because the European  people say it  lady bird and  in the united states  mostly people  like to say  lady bug   rather than the  lady bird but which name is she has but she  is the symbol of    good luck  and may be   good lucks comes due to its presence. If you are going to make a card for the girl then take a hard chart paper and cut it in the shape of card  the lower part keep the red and the upper part  is made of white color  make the small lady bugs with the pencil and then paint on it  carefully  where you want to close the card envelope then make a big   round shape  flower and make a lady bug on it  and paste it on the card at the place of closing it can be give a teen age girl. Old cards are must available  at your home  so  fouled your old card in a greeting style  card   and make a lady bug  with the  crepe paper and the foamy sheet  and make the eyes and wings with the colorful floral stickers and the ribbon it can be give to your sister  because it suits to your personality. If you don’t want to make a card and you have not a stock of card or your little baby is going to try to make   a card then he can make the card on the paper first of all make a leaf with pencil and color it brightly and then make a big lady bug on that leaf and if you are little sister then you can give it to your elder sister. There are very easy to make card but you have to do littler practice with your little effort you can make the cards beautiful and lady bug is the example of good luck and the red color of that insect show the love and loyalty and it is said that if a lady bird crawl on the hand of un- married girl she will be wedded In one year. Your all wishes can be fulfilled   if a lady bird sits on your floor so  how much step she will be walk  then  these days  your house will be fill with the pleasures and joys.

  1. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 2. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 3. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 4. Handmade ladybug style card for girls5. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 6. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 7. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 8. Handmade ladybug style card for girls 9. Handmade ladybug style card for girls

Note:   cards making is a good fun  but you can make different things on the cards  and lady bug is very innocent insect  look  like  the girls so if you make the lady bug on the cards  for the  girls it is great thing and in the gallery you can see the different cards designed with the  lady bug  all the cards are very easy and  home maid  see the pictures and make  the cards  ladybug cards are also  made for the mother and the  sweet and cute kids because both have soft and delicate nature.

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