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Handmade Ideas To Make Earring Cards in Different Ways And Designs

Jewelry keeps much importance for girls, no doubt a girl feels incomplete when going outside without wearing any jewelry piece. Basically earrings are a must-have jewel to accessorize with different dresses whether it is young girl, a bride or a celebrity; they all enchant earrings to just transform the look. But mostly it is seen and even being a girl, I have routine of wearing different kinds of earrings and put them to jewelry box.

This allows all earrings to mingle up and sometimes the design gets fade due to the rush of that jewelry pile. After surfing out different blogs I got idea about keeping the all earrings safe by letting them hang in earring card. Generally when girls buy earring pair then the earring card is disposed or lost somewhere, but now you have no worry as the earrings cards can be made at home crafting different useful and interesting techniques.

You can form a well designed earring homemade card by using hard cards and it’s your own creativity how you design that simple and plain card into exclusive one. We have today versatile ideas of composing the homemade different style cards which are easy to make and demand less time to work on.

To embellish that cards, make sure you are not using heavy material that may increase the size of card and it create problem in handling heavy earrings. Well, let’s take a start to display that earring card making and design ideas that will surely help you to craft your own handmade item so easily.

Books paper pasting on earrings card:


To make the earrings simple card interesting, you just have to take the written page of any books or newspaper but when they are useless for you. Two ways can help you to make these cards designing awesome, one way is to cut the square book pieces small from the size of card and paste it to card to give it good view. Another way is to give style in different patterns like butterfly, ball or any other design which is your favorite.

Khaki earring cards with different shapes:


Most of the time we find khaki card earring card in market and if you wish to make it at home then don’t worry because it is easily accessible to markets. Own for it and cut different shapes from cutter. You also need a scale to give them a perfect line shapes. Create balls, zig-zag ball, and long or horizontal style cards and give two holes where earrings have to hang.

Different pattern earring craft cards:


If you love to take different print and design cards for earrings then go to market and shop multi design cards like floral print, zebra, stripped, dotted, intricate pattern and many others which can change the card look. The advantage of making such crafty pattern cards is to give meaning to your earring jewelry handle. Pick up all earrings and hang these cards to your jewelry box for gorgeous view.

Folded earrings card styles:


Well, another way is to have folded card just like a readymade one which is available in market. To make such earring handmade card, cut the long card from big card board and draw them in two cards. Left the equal end place upon cards and fold them on both sides. These folded parts will give the card balance to stay on anything. Put the earrings to the holes and keep it inside the cupboard.

Embellished earring cards design:


There is a lot of stuff to style on these handmade cards. You can paste the lace fabric to make the card minimalist and sophisticate, for this purpose opting for lace flowers from market would be chic way to style. Besides these you can use stickers like hearts and even write anything you want. These earring cards are also perfect when you give earrings as gift to your friend.

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